Exclusive! The Game On 2.0 *game list*

Two days ago, we gave you the first look behind the scenes, at Game On 2.0.
And to celebrate the exhibition opening today, JustOneMoreGame is proud to bring you… THE GAME LIST!

It’s about 95% complete, and likely to cause more airline traffic to Launceston than ever before.

Note: We’ve put all “new additions” in bold text.

Prepare to wear out your scroll-wheel, AND your saliva glands…

Game On 2.0 arcade:

Videogames: Gorf, Gauntlet, Space Invaders, Pacman, Defender, Track & Field, Centipede, Asteroids, Out Run (upright), (many more games to be confirmed)
Pinball: SkyHawk, Space Riders, Bride of Pinbot (1 or 2 more TBC).

Game On 2.0 home games:

Wizball (Commodore 64) Top Ten Units
Akumajou Dracula (MSX) Top Ten Units
Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey) Top Ten Units
Combat (Atari VCS) Top Ten Units
Death Chase (Sinclair Spectrum) Top Ten Units
Mario Bros (Nintendo Famicom) Top Ten Units
Lemmings (Commodore Amiga) Top Ten Units
Tetris (Nintendo Gameboy) Top Ten Units
Ridge Racer (Sony Playstation) Top Ten Units
Fighting Street (NEC PC Engine) Top Ten Units
Gate of Thunder (NEC PC Engine) Top Ten Units
Soul Calibur Tower Units
Tempest 2000 Tower Units
Dead or Alive Ultimate 2  Tower Units
Tekken Tag Tournament   Tower Units
Mario Kart 64 Tower Units
Rez – (Sony Playstation 2) Media – Sound
Chillingham (PC) Media – Sound
2  – (PC) 
Media – Sound
Parappa the Rapper – (Sony Playstation) Media – Sound
Korg DS-10 (Nintendo DS) Media – Sound
Goldeneye  – (Nintendo 64) Media – Cinema
Batman: Arkham Asylum – (Playstation 3) Media – Cinema
CookiBig Birds Egg Catch – (Atari VCS) Kids 
Hey you, Pikachu – (Nintendo 64) Kids 
Bob The Builder – (Nintendo Wii) Kids 
3 more kids games tbc Kids 
3 more kids games tbc Kids 
3 more kids games tbc Kids 
Sonic Mega
Collection – (Nintendo Gamecube) 
Super Mario All Stars – (Super Nintendo) Characters
Jak and Daxter – (Sony Playstation 2) Characters
Tomb Raider (Sony Playstation) Characters
Parappa the Rapper (2) (Sony Playstation 2) Characters
Pacman Championship (Microsoft Xbox 360) Characters
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 – (Microsoft Xbox 360) Simulation Games – Sports
MLB 09: The Show – (Sony Playstation 3) Simulation Games – Sports
Wii Ski and Snowboard – (Nintendo Wii) Simulation Games – Sports
Tony Hawk’s Ride – (Sony Playstation 3) Simulation Games – Sports
Rock Band – Beatles – (Microsoft Xbox 360) Simulation Games – Music
Guitar Hero 5 – (Sony Playstation3) Simulation Games – Music
Stage Universe
– (Microsoft Xbox 360) 
Simulation Games – Music
DJ Hero – (Sony Playstation 3) Simulation Games – Music
Go By Train 3 – (Sony Playstation 2) Simulation Games – Life
Steel Battalion – (Microsoft Xbox (Projection) Simulation Games – Life
Wii Sports Resort – (Nintendo Wii) Simulation Games – Life
Grand Turismo 4
– (Sony Playstation 2) 
Simulation Games – Life
Pangya – Golf With Style – (Nintendo Wii) (South Korea) >World Games – Other
X-Blades (Playstation 3) (Russia) World Games – Other
Hanuman (Playstation 2) (India) World Games – Other
Sin and Punishment 2 – (Nintendo Wii) World Games – Japan
Dead or Alive 4 – (Microsoft Xbox 360) World Games – Japan
Katamari Forever – (Sony Playstation 3) World Games – Japan
Little Big Planet – (Sony Playstation 3) World Games – Europe
Red Steel 2 (Nintendo Wii) World Games – Europe
Burnout Paradise – The Ultimate Box (Microsoft Xbox 360) World Games – Europe
Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands (Microsoft Xbox 360) World Games – America
Metroid Prime Trilogy – (Nintendo Wii) World Games – America
Uncharted 2 – (Sony Playstation 3) World Games – America
Yaroze Games – (Sony
Making & Marketing – Indie Games
Dux – (Dreamcast)  Making & Marketing – Indie Games
Warning Forever – (PC)  Making & Marketing – Indie Games
IGF Game 1 (TBC) Making & Marketing – Indie Games
IGF Game 2 (TBC) Making & Marketing – Indie Games
IGF Game 3 (TBC) Making & Marketing – Indie Games
IGF Game 4 (TBC) Making & Marketing – Indie Games
Famicom 3D Glasses – Highway Star (Famicom) Futures
Mario Tennis – (Virtual
Toy Story Mania – (Nintendo Wii) Futures
Iz3d 3D monitor pc game TBC Futures
Iz3d 3D monitor pc game TBC Futures
OCZ thought control Game TBC Futures
Super Smash Bros Melee – (Nintendo Gamecube) Multiplayer & Online Gaming
Saturn Bomberman (10 player) – (Sega Saturn) Multiplayer & Online Gaming
Halo 3 (4 Player LAN) – (Microsoft Xbox 360) Multiplayer & Online Gaming
Warlords (Atari 2600) Multiplayer & Online Gaming
World of Warcraft (PC)
Multiplayer & Online Gaming
Scribblenauts – (Nintendo DS) Portable Gaming
Spore Creatures 
(Nintendo DS)
Portable Gaming
Nintendogs – (Nintendo DS) Portable Gaming
Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo DS) Portable Gaming
Loco Roco 2 – (Sony PSP) Portable Gaming
Patapon 2 (Sony PSP) Portable Gaming
Little Big Planet (Sony PSP) Portable Gaming
Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier! (Sony PSP) Portable Gaming
BMX Flyer Portable Gaming
Firefox F7 Portable Gaming
Donkey Kong Portable Gaming
Caveman Portable Gaming
Earth Invaders Portable Gaming
Tron Portable Gaming
Gunpey (Wonderswan) Portable Gaming
Simon Portable Gaming
Speak and Spell Portable Gaming
Pong Early Games
MAME Early Games
Final Fantasy VII – (Playstation) (Thought & Reflection – RPG)
Dungeon Master (Atari ST) (Thought & Reflection – RPG)
Phantasy Star II (Sega Megadrive) (Thought & Reflection – RPG)
Odin Sphere – (Sony Playstation 2) (Thought & Reflection – RPG)
Sokoban – (Sega Megadrive) (Thought & Reflection – Puzzle)
Puzzle Bobble – (Neo Geo MVS) (Thought & Reflection – Puzzle)
Pokemon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64) (Thought & Reflection – Puzzle)
Portal (PC) (Thought & Reflection – Puzzle)
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy – (PC) (Thought & Reflection – Adventure)
Adventure (Atari 2600) (Thought & Reflection – Adventure)
Secret Of Monkey Island – (PC) (Thought & Reflection – Adventure)
Zelda – Ocarina Of Time – (Nintendo 64) (Thought & Reflection – Adventure)
Pilot Wings – (Super Nintendo) (Simulation)
Animal Crossing –
(Nintendo Gamecube) 
Utopia – (Mattel Intellivision) (Simulation)
Sim City – (Commodore Amiga) (Simulation)
Star Soldier – (Nintendo Famicom) (Action – Shoot ’em Up)
Thunderforce IV – (Sega Megadrive) (Action – Shoot ’em Up)
Radiant Silvergun (Sega Saturn) (Action – Shoot ’em Up)
Deathsmiles (Xbox 360) (Action – Shoot ’em Up)
Indy 500 – (Atari VCS) (Action – Racing)
Super Mario Kart – (Super Nintendo) (Action – Racing)
RC Pro AM – (Nintendo NES) (Action – Racing)
Burnout 3 – Takedown (Playstation 2) (Action – Racing)
Prince of Persia – (Sega Megadrive) (Action – Platform)
Mario 64 – (Nintendo 64) (Action – Platform)
Pitfall – (Atari VCS) (Action – Platform)
Psychonauts (Xbox) (Action – Platform)
Doom – (PC) (Action – First Person Shooter)
Halo (Xbox) (Action – First Person Shooter)
Half Life 2 – (PC) (Action – First Person Shooter)
Street Gangs – (Nintendo NES) (Action – Fighting)
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution– (Sony Playstation 2) (Action – Fighting)
King of Fighters 98 – (Neo Geo MVS) (Action – Fighting)
Super Monkey Ball (Nintendo Gamecube) (Action – Action)
Super Breakout – (Atari VCS) (Action – Action)
Mega Man (Nintendo NES) (Action – Action)
Vib Ribbon – (Sony Playstation) (Action – Action)
Super Street Fighter IV (Action – Fighting)
The King of Fighters  (Action – Fighting)


Wow, by our count, there’s at least 135 games (10 more than Melbourne or Brisbane) and over 50 of them are new to the exhibition.

Hmm, now where’s that cheap Launceston flight you were looking for…?

4 Responses to Exclusive! The Game On 2.0 *game list*

  1. Barry says:

    That was the unfinished list, the complete list will be ready on Monday…

  2. justonemoregame says:

    Thanks Barry; looking forward to your final list. 🙂

    PS: If anyone reading this has an AUS Sega Saturn with ‘Bomberman’, please contact me urgently as the Game On unit is under repair.

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