Final issue of the best PDF retrogame mag I’ve seen…

Yes, sad but true. Retroaction has just released their final issue.

Editor Neil Reive explains the reasons behind this decision, as we have a look at a few of the features inside…

“What happened? Well, the main problem can be traced back to the magazine’s roots, back to 2008 when I had a plan to produce a quarterly retrogaming magazine, full of great articles and content. Not only that, but the magazine would be produced in PDF with a degree of interactivity never seen before:
hyperlinks, anchor links, bookmarks and more. This unique interactivity was complemented by high production values. Alas, the high standard we set for the content and design could not be maintained and timescales began slipping.
The decision to end Retroaction hasn’t been a knee jerk reaction either as we’ve been dwelling over the future of the magazine for over eight months. Indeed, issue four was on the brink of not being published at all, but there is so much good stuff in here that it would be a shame—a crime, in fact—for it not to see the light of day.”

Retroaction - issue 4 cover

Retroaction - issue 4 cover

I can agree on the last point. There’s some great stuff in the final issue, including very detailed interviews with Jason ‘Kenz’ Mackenzie (from Psytronik), Super Fighter Team and the guys behind the Out-of-Print Archive. There’s a huge 3 page retro scene update (with tonnes of links) and a huge 4 page love-letter to the C64 classic Raid on Bungeling Bay, written by yours truly, Mr J-OMG.

Retroaction 4 - Raid on Bungeling Bay article

Retroaction 4 - Raid on Bungeling Bay article

Now, what next for the Retroaction team?

“The magazine’s future may be uncertain at this time, but together we can develop the website into a retro hub for news, reviews, articles, interviews and more.
We’re completely open to contributing authors, too, so, if you would like to contribute a homebrew review, article or feature then just let us know. A few regular users use the forum to post news about new homebrew games, which I have been eternally grateful for (thanks guys), but feel free to sign up for the main website to post your news on the front page as well.
This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning of the next chapter.”

Go on, download issue 4.
And shed a tear for the final release from the best PDF retrogame mag you’ve ever seen.

10 Responses to Final issue of the best PDF retrogame mag I’ve seen…

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  2. Mr Ak says:

    “The best PDF retrogame mag you’ve ever seen”

    That I can pretty much guarantee.

  3. Nreive says:

    Thanks for the kind words, your input certainly helped with the success of the last issue. As I’ve mentioned before, I had mixed emotions while producing this issue, what with knowing that it would be the last issue, but also having some of the best content yet. Hopefully, others will feel the same.

  4. […] might have noticed a recent J-OMG post regarding the final issue of Retroaction. Downloaded the PDF yet? Had a read […]

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