Wow, he really is a bit of a Dick Smith

J-OMG:  Dick Smith Wizzard

OK, I better explain this one, for our non-Australian readers.

Dick Smith is a bit like an Aussie version of Clive Sinclair or Steve Wozniak. He ran a chain of electronics stores in the 70s and 80s, before selling to the Woolworths group. Actually, he’s much more like an Aussie Richard Branson, in that he loved to do crazy stunts to promote his store, or himself. The most famous one, was towing an ‘iceberg’ into Sydney Harbour to supply our water needs. (It was fake, but looked pretty real)

Anyway, enjoy this ad from 1982.

Oh, and that interesting thing you see once or twice is a Dick Smith Wizzard. (Known as a Creativision in some regions). First computer I ever had. We bought a cassette player and ‘moving key’ keyboard for it, upgrading its original membrane keyboard, to something very similar to that of a ZX Spectrum.

The way the hardware expanded was quite neat. The left and right-hand edges of the unit would slide off, and on the left you could attach the cassette player, and on the right, a printer interface. All in nice black plastic/fake woodgrain. So, a fully expanded DSW looked like a mirror image of an Amstrad CPC with the built-in cassette unit. Scroll down to the 5th picture on this page, and you’ll see what I mean.

Image credit: DSW pic thanks to Bilby.

6 Responses to Wow, he really is a bit of a Dick Smith

  1. Merman says:

    Very funny commercial. Was the Creativision the only machine Dick Smith licensed for Australia?

    • justonemoregame says:


      Dick Smith also had “The Cat” (Apple compatible), the VZ200 & VZ300 (aka Vtech Laser 200 & 300 in the UK), and a machine I don’t recall, but have read about… the System 80 (TRS80 compatible)

  2. gnome says:

    Absolutely love discovering the Uncle Clives of this world. Same thing applies to computers I had never heard of…

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gabe McGrath, Gnome. Gnome said: RT @justonemoregame: Wow, he really is a bit of a Dick Smith! New blogpost on JustOneMoreGame. […]

  4. StickHead says:

    There’s something about keyboard/keypad overlays that get me very excited…

  5. Mr Ak says:

    Yeah, I had a Wizard, way back when.

    Also, I think Frank Woodley may be Dick Smith’s illegitimate son, based on that video

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