Check out J-OMG’s old gameroom

Recently, Aussie game journo Jason Hill posted some fascinating photos of his ‘game setups‘ from 1998-2003 on his Screen Play blog. He then asked people to contribute their own ‘gaming setup’ photos, and I thought I should try sending something a bit different.

If you pop over to yesterday’s Screen Play ‘You show off‘ blogpost, you’ll get to see my arcade gameroom/mancave circa 2008. Yes, there’s my Australian 26″ Neo Geo 6 slot machine; sadly without its lovely ‘mini marquees’ – which are pictured below. You’ll also see my beloved Terminator 2 pinball machine. (Not pictured is my Hankin cocktail/tabletop arcade machine, which I’ll be restoring soon.)

Closeup of my Neo Geo cab, with mini-marquees installed.

Closeup of my Neo Geo cab, with mini-marquees installed.

Alas, my toys are not in *that* room anymore. That’s now our bedroom. Our bedroom became Player 3’s room. (He’s now 14 months old, and almost walking! Not long till he’s a gamer…)

And the arcade cabs? They went to the garage.
Where there’s no light, no carpet, and definitely no electricity. 😦

But the good news is, the J-OMG director of finance™ has authorised expenditure 🙂 to insulate and power the garage. (Oh, I love her so…)

YES – the J-OMG arcade is going to be a reality.
You beauty.

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