Why wait for Duke? Make your OWN damn FPS!

One of the most exciting things for me in gaming, has been the sudden democratisation of game making in recent years. The incredible array of new tools released in the last decade has made it easier than ever before – to make your own game.

As I’ve mentioned previously, there are quite a few options, that vary enormously in scope, ease of use, and cost. Personally, I like Game Maker for what I want to do. (Old-school 2D games) But there are many other options, that will cover a variety of genres.

But what about if you JUST want to make a First Person Shooter?

At the most difficult end of the scale, there’s C++. Somewhat easier would be using something like BlitzMax or Dark Basic. If you’ve got a team of like-minded souls, you might consider making an FPS mod, for a game like Unreal Tournament 3, or Half Life 2. In the case of a mod, the engine is there – but unless you want your game to look like an existing one, you’ll need someone to create 3D enemies, weapons, etc. All these options range from fairly difficult, to ‘dedicate your life to it’ hard.

But if you’d like to make an FPS, without the incredibly steep learning curve, FPS Creator could be the thing. It comes from The Games Creators (TGC – makers of Dark Basic) And it looks like the easiest way to make your own FPS.

FPS Creator: Editing a level

There’s options galore, plenty of included content (enemies, furniture, rooms, etc), and looks really easy to use. You can of course, import your own media/models too. Look, there’s the complete featurelist here.

Now, if you’re starting to think seriously about making an FPS with FPS Creator, one thought will soon hit your mind. “I don’t have the talent to make my own models – and surely you’ll get bored of using the supplied ones real fast!” Well, it’s here that TGC have shown real dedication to release more content for this program. “Model Packs”. Available for less than US$10, they add new content – on a theme. WW2, Medievel, City of London, Zombies, etc etc etc. And at last count, TGC had released 47(!) model packs. Now that’s what I call post-purchase support.

City Fight - made with FPS Creator

So, if you’ve been itching to make your own shooting-game-from-the-player’s-perspective, FPS Creator may be exactly what you’re after. There’s a demo available, and if you decide to go the ‘full version’, there’s a pretty amazing offer currently, with the editor and 9(!) level packs for US$29.99. (Normally the editor alone is US49.99!)

Of course, FPS-C isn’t the only product from The Game Creators. One of their oldest titles is part of a special competition currently… but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow

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