Download game creator! Make game! Win stuff!

Yesterday we covered the FPS Creator, one of many game-making tools by The Game Creators.

Today, I thought* I’d tell you a bit about their current comp. (*Well, actually they sent me a press release which was (a) Relevant (b) Personalised (c) Short and (d) Friendly… Take note, PR people!)

It’s a “Games for Netbooks Competition”, which challenges you to make a game, playable on a netbook, using either DarkBASIC Professional (which is now FREE, how very ‘2010’!) or Dark GDK (now included free of charge with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express)

Some of the features of Dark Basic Professional

The competition categories are:

  • Best game
  • Standout Game Element
  • Best graphics
  • Best gameplay
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

OK, there might be an error in that list. But I doubt anyone will notice.

Now… what prizes are on offer?

How about an all expenses paid holiday worth up to US$5,000!
Other prizes include US$1k cash, a netbook, and publicity via the Intel Atom Developer Program Community.

If you think it’s worth a shot, you’ve got just under a month left to enter. Download one of the free game creator programs mentioned above, crank out that netbook game, and jump onto the entry site.

Good luck!

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