VVVVVV being demade… to the C64!

Screenshot: C64 demake of VVVVVV

Screenshot: C64 demake of VVVVVV


Indie-hit VVVVVV (err, that’s 6 x ‘V’, not 3 x ‘W’, if you were wondering) is now being demade from it’s original PC platform, to the Commodore 64.

Matching the sound/graphics of the original won’t be too hard; but getting the item placement and controls right… will be crucial.

There’s already a demo available, so fire up your favourite C64 emulator, and get playing!

By the way the original game is STILL available for just US$5, from the author’s site. I’m about 40% through it, and it’s great fun.

Source: Endurion @ RR forums

9 Responses to VVVVVV being demade… to the C64!

  1. gnome says:

    This is a truly excellent idea. I really got to try it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. justonemoregame says:

    Thanks Gnome. I’m currently stuck in the ‘escort mission’ part of the original game. URGH!!!!

  3. Merman says:

    Played the C64 version last night and it’s great!

  4. Marc says:

    Wow indeed!

    I would love to play this on the real hardware (In fact I think I have my friends C64 in the loft – he’s in Korea, he’ll never know).

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  6. haliphax says:

    I can see why you would want to play it on an actual C64, but if you can already get a modern PC version of the game, why in the hell would you then wrap it in a C64 emulator? There’s meaningful nostalgia, and then there’s asinine nostalgia.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Well Halifax, in my case I just don’t have a C64 here where I live. (Only one several hours plane flight away, at my mother’s home) So – I’d like to check out the C64 VVVVVV – and the only way I can is via emulation. It’s not that I want to play the original via ‘layers of emulation’ (a la ‘lets emulate Doom in Minecraft in Virtual Windows on a Mac’) – it’s just that I’d like to see how close they managed to get the VVVVVV demake in the ‘feel’ department to Terry’s original.

  7. noname says:

    Good news. Seems the VVVVVV C64 version is going well. The laboratory level is finished, and the overworld, almost. The music converter is still working on the tunes. That’s all.

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