Our Politician Gamer story is front page news

Header - Tas Premier story featured on SMH & The Age

Now THIS is a cool surprise.

Last week, Fairfax Media blogger Jason Hill suggested I edit the J-OMG “Politician who Pwns” story into something more suitable for Screen Play’s YOUR TURN segment. I did so, and used a few quotes from David Bartlett that didn’t make it in their original article.

The story was published today on the Fairfax network, and I thought that was it.

Not quite.

Early this afternoon, Jason emailed to say that it had been picked up, and promoted on the front page of both The Melbourne Age & Sydney Morning Herald websites. This is apparently the first time that’s happened, so I’m rather excited and honoured that I’ve helped ‘smash the digital ceiling’ for other Screen Play contributors. I do hope others have the same exciting surprise in the future. No, scratch that. It will happen.

Clipping_Politician story on front of SMH & The Age

My excitement is tinged with a fair bit of sadness though, as the much bigger story on Screen Play today, is about the closure of Krome Studios (previously Beam Software & Melbourne House) resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs.

The last 10 years have been incredibly tough for (non-mobile phone/non-flash) game developers in this country. I worry that we just won’t see developers of that size (200+ employees) again. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


2 Responses to Our Politician Gamer story is front page news

  1. rosemary says:

    Awesome. Nice one Gabe! Say hi to the household gamers for me. Rose.

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