Megaman 2: Electric Boogaloo

Got an iTunes voucher you need to spend? Feel like some cheerful chiptunes?

Dutch DJ/Producer ‘The Greatest Bits’ has released a remix/remake album, tackling each track from the NES game Megaman 2. He describes it as ‘a kind of “chiptune crossover” style, combining 8-bit retro-style sounds with real instruments of the 21st century’.

If you’re not familiar with the MM2 soundtrack (hey, I didn’t have a NES either) this copy/paste from Wikipedia may give you an idea of how it’s viewed by others…

In 2008, Game Informer listed Mega Man 2’s introduction sequence as the fifth-best video game opening, citing the build up of excitement the music and appearance that the character instills. The “Doctor Wily Stage Theme” was ranked second in ScrewAttack’s “Top 10 Video Game Themes Ever” video. Nintendo Power’s editorial staff praised the music in 2008, stating it is among the best on the platform. In 2009, Gamasutra’s Brandon Sheffield describe the music as easily recognizable, and lamented that contemporary video game music lacked that trait.

As for Mr ‘Greatest Bits’… he describes the original Megaman 2 soundtrack as “bloody brilliant”, and his favourite retro games include Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Tetris and Street Fighter II.

Album Art - TGB 'Mega Man 2'

The Mega Man 2 album has been digitally released on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and

You can preview the tracks via this link.

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