Bit more guestblogging – and a surprise

Header: Wired UK - GameDad

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another, on the net.

About a month ago, I spotted an interesting tweet that someone I follow had ‘retweeted’. I followed the tweet back to the writer, to read more of what they had to say. They happened to be a writer for Wired UK, the anglo offshoot of the famous US magazine. And they’d mentioned something called a ‘GeekDad’ blog, which was looking for contributors.

I sent a few emails, wrote some demo posts, and recently had my first GeekDad post published.

Screenshot: Wired Geekdad 'Time Travel Cassette' blog post

'Time Travel Cassette' blog post

Then last week, a blogger on the Wired U.S. site linked to the post. But that’s not where the story ends. Early this week, I was contacted by a producer for the Tom Dunne show – a morning talkback show heard across Ireland on Newstalk 106-108FM. They’d read my post, and wanted me to come onair to chat about it.

If you’d like to hear me talking ‘old school cassettes’ and other retro things, I should be on Friday morning (25th March) at 10.30am, Dublin time. Non-Irish readers: You’ll be able to stream the audio live. (If it’s ‘in the middle of the night’ – in your timezone – I’ll upload an archive audio link, afterwards.)


5 Responses to Bit more guestblogging – and a surprise

  1. gnome says:

    Congrats and can’t wait!

  2. Donncha says:

    Cool, I’ll be listening to the show. Looking forward to it!

  3. justonemoregame says:

    Thanks guys; I’ve added a ‘listen live’ link to the above post, if anyone outside Ireland wants to do so. 🙂

  4. Donncha says:

    Great interview Gabe! Lovely story about your Dad’s storytelling.

    My dad found a tape he made a *long* time ago, and in the background is my mother speaking which was surreal for us as she died 11 years ago.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Thanks Donncha, and again, for your kind ‘tweet out’ just beforehand.

      Hopefully a few listeners have a look around their cupboards and shoeboxes, listen to some old tapes, and make a few discoveries of their own….

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