Turrican-esque game for the Neo Geo?

Header: Gun Lord

Despite being released in 1990, the Neo Geo arcade system is still seeing new releases, thanks to the work of the NG:DEV team. And yes, I’m talking about ‘proper’ games (as in, real carts), such as Last Hope and Fast Striker.

NEWSFLASH: I see that Fast Striker is now also available on iOS.

Now, NG:Dev have released the first screenshots of their latest title, Gunlord. And it’s nothing like their previous titles. Better still, it appears to have been inspired by one of my favourite C64 games.

Hmm, diamond-shaped bonuses to collect… a 3 way gun… looks very Turrican-esque to me!

Hmm, nice dinosaur skeleton…

Could that be a rotatable stream of bullets in the screen above? Manfred Tenz would be impressed.

And that’s looking even MORE Turrican-esque. If that’s not enough, there’s even a text-based hint on the NG:DEV website. (see below)

There were very, very few games of this type on arcade systems (besides the fantastic Psycho-Nics Oscar which amazingly, you’ll see completed with no lives lost in this clip), so I’m hoping that Gun Lord turns out as good as these early screenshots suggest.

This news comes courtesy of Arcade Heroes, and you can subscribe to NG:DEV’s latest info via the Gun Lord teaser site.

One Response to Turrican-esque game for the Neo Geo?

  1. gnome says:

    An amazing discovery that dear friend! I salute you in a most Turrican-y fashion!

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