Still Stealthy. Still Alive. The Final Ninja.

Header: The Final Ninja

Here at J-OMG we’ve had a HUGE amount of traffic in recent months to our Final Ninja ‘screenshot comparison‘, but no news.

That’s not good enough.

So I put the makers, Stu & Smila in a small room, shine a light in their faces, and asked the hard questions.

  • What’s the ‘latest’ you can tell the fans about Final Ninja?
  • Got any screenshots to keep the excitable J-OMG readers at bay?
  • How are you going with the improvements you were planning?
  • Where we YOU at 7.22pm on April 7th*?

*Just wondering; I lost my keys that night and needed a lift.

Stu: Final Ninja was put on hold as other real-life commitments (and games) got started; we’re still planning to go back onto it. We do have some more recent screenshots to share though…

Smila: The main problem I think was the music – infamous was busy on loads of other projects so couldnt really get stuck into it so thats when i decided to work on something else for a while until we had some music ready.

Stu: Coding-wise the game isn’t technically difficult but it does involve a huge amount of graphic assets. The basic game engine (walking, jumping, collisions etc) is already done. Actually, the level editor and script engine are all in place too.

Smila: Level 1 is complete, art-wise. I hope we get back to it this year as it was coming on really well and we had a lot of interest from peeps about it.

Stu: Oh – and we have addressed the “jumping in the water and instantly dying” on level one already. When you fall in the water/mud it reduces your energy instead. 😉

Well there’s an improvement many C64 gamers will approve of!

As always, we’ll keep you up to date with the progress of The Final Ninja, in coming months.

NEWS FLASH: Ooh, here’s something else from the Ovine boys… sorry can’t tell you yet… embargo ends in 3, 2, 1…

4 Responses to Still Stealthy. Still Alive. The Final Ninja.

  1. gnome says:

    Well, there’s no rush really. Quality -understandably- takes time. Oh, and once again, congrats on the scoop!

  2. Azel-UK says:

    How a demo of level 1 in the meantime chaps?

  3. Harvey says:

    Music problems? How about having this version of the music ingame, you could always outsource

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