That def, flat and papery kid, sure crafts a mean…

GoPinball Papercraft - header image

(Oh yes, took me SECONDS to write that headline. Every one’s a winner baby.)

Jarlaxe, a member of the forums, has put pixels to phosphors, and ink to scissors, to create some fantastic papercraft pinball models.

T2, Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Wheel of Fortune (erm..) – they’re all there, ready for sneaky printing at your workplace, or less-sneaky printing at home.

T2 papercraft model

Of course, these aren’t the first papercraft arcade models seen online. Some of the earliest ones include this beautiful set of arcade cabs by Fuseball of Way of the Rodent. But this 2011 set of pinball cabs by Jarlaxe is very, very well done.

Medieval Madness papercraft model

You can download those papercraft templates, and more at this forum link, and there’s detailed assembly instructions at this Youtube link.

Credit: bubba1234 @ Aussie Arcade


3 Responses to That def, flat and papery kid, sure crafts a mean…

  1. gnome says:

    Excellent! I can now have my very own, very affordable, very space sensitive pinball. What would I ever do without you JomG?

    (a happy customer)

  2. Myf says:

    You know what song I’ve been singing for the last 10 minutes since I saw your headline don’t you?

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