One button bait: Flush the Goldfish

Two years ago, I really enjoyed playing ‘One Button Bob‘ – a fun Flash platform game where each screen in the platformer uses a single mousebutton in a different way, to control the action.

Now, Flush the Goldfish has arrived. 
And he’s all outta gum.

As you can probably tell from the narrow screenshot, Flush the Goldfish is out on (Nintendo) DsiWare. It’s stars a character not completely unlike Earthworm Jim. As the developer says “You’re playing as a goldfish in a robot suit that shoots bananas! Instead of ducking, the goldfish will eat the robot suit and will drag itself over the floor!”  (Modern Warefare devs, take note.)

Flush the Goldfish has tonnes of animation (over 200 frames on the main character alone), with graphics by Paul Veer & Roy Natan de Groot (Super Crate Box). There’s 300+ rooms of one-button action, and then an inbuilt editor to create some more.  (Ahh, if only I had a Nintendo DS to play it….)

 Flush the Goldfish is out ‘now’ in Euro DsiWare territories, and ‘any day now’ in the rest of the world.


2 Responses to One button bait: Flush the Goldfish

  1. It does look stunning… Oh, and a happy 2012!

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