The Man who shmupped the Verminest

JustOneMoreGame’s gamingdevcrush on Locomalito continues unabated, with news that his latest game “They Came from Verminest” due out next Wednesday February 15.

So after the international day of love, it’ll be the international day of “shooting greyscale Galagaesque aliens in red-blue3D”. Or something like that. 

Exciting words emailed from Loco himself – below!
And screenshots. Loverly screenshots.  And bonus materials.  
(Oh just click, will ya.)


Loco writes:

 “The game is a galaga-centipede-oldschool-arcade-like game with 50’s sci-fi inspiration (space bugs, tropical planets, etc). But, contrary to early arcade games, it comes with a variety of situations, in which each level shows new stuff and dangers to deal with, always with a heavy classic gameplay feeling.
The score system is polished so it really [tests] the skills of the player. Risky actions like killing enemies in a close range or selective enemy killing give you extra points, so depending on the way you play, you can obtain more or less points in the same stage.”

Loco continues…

“They Came from Verminest has 3 video modes: normal (pixel perfect grayscale), old film (with a film
grain overlay to make it look more 50s styled) and 3D (to see the game in “3D” when played with anaglyph red/blue glasses).
The visuals and sound are very raw, like in early games. The sound emulates the FM sound of the old arcades too (like in Maldita Castilla, but with less channels).”

Finally, They Came from Verminest will also  come with a TONNE of bonus materials.
Locomalito gives us the rundown…

“We’ve created three 3D posters and a little collection of trading cards. [There’ll also be] a dvd cover, a little user manual, another poster, a trailer that nearly required more work than the game itself (cause it’s made with miniatures and special effects), and the ‘making of’ for the trailer (that’s a piece of fun, cause I still can’t believe the amount of
stupid and funny things we did to achieve it!).”

One of the TCFV trading cards


They Came from Verminest will be available from Wednesday February 15 at Locomalito’s site.


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