When Contra and Metal Slug love each other very much…

In 1987 I played Contra (aka Gryzor) to death on my Commodore 64.
In 1996 I played Metal Slug to death in the arcade.

Now, in 2012, Aleksey Abramenko seems to have crossbred the two…

Developer says: “Intrusion 2 is an action platformer. Set in sci-fi environment on reserve planet occupied by hostile military corporation conducting forbidden weapon research. Intrusion 2 is inspired by classic 16bit era sidescrollers and focuses on classic fast paced action combined with modern physics and animation.”

J-OMG says:
Somehow I missed the original ‘Intrusion‘ back in 2008.  It’s a fun run’n’gun which goes beyond the usual flash-game level of professionalism. Some great imagination’s on show.

Now, Aleksey Abramenko returns with a sequel, again coded in Flash/Actionscript. But rather being hosted online, it’s being sold as a downloadable PC title. [Mac port yet to be confirmed] 

I’ve yet to play, but this gameplay trailer should certainly get you into the mood…

If you’ve already picked up the game, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  There’s a demo available, so don’t be shy, tell us what you think!

Intrusion 2 is now available direct from the developer (& DRM-free) for $10 at the official Intrusion 2 site.

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