Unveiled: Official poster for Pinfest, Caves Beach

Yes, you might have heard whispers about this one, but J-OMG has been digging a bit deeper to get you all the juicy details.

The inaugural PINFEST Pinball Festival will happen on Saturday September 8th and Sunday September 9th at the spectacular Caves Beach Hotel complex. Entry will be $10, with most proceeds going to the ‘SIDS for kids’ foundation.

There’ll be 50 (!) pinball machines available to play, ranging from Chicago Coin’s 1962 rarity “All Star Baseball” to Stern’s newly-released “X Men” pinball. The latter is likely to be the first time most Aussies get to play the game. And unlike some events, where the games are ‘there to be sold’ (and in variable condition), this is a BYO/enthusiast’s festival, so the machines are likely to be top-notch.

I’m sure you have a tonne of questions, and I’ve been interviewing everyone involved to get you answers. In the meantime, I’ve received the OK to share the official event poster, by Tim of Pinball Restoration.

(click above for fullsize view)

Pinfest 2012 will be a great introduction (re-introduction) to the hobby, with all attendees being given a booklet that explains the basics (buying your first pinball, selling, getting repairs done).  There’ll be a competition for the more skilled amongst us, plus machines, parts and merchandise for sale.

More details soon, in a much larger J-OMG exclusive.

Hmm, there are far too many ‘sleeps’ till September 8th…

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