The best of the best of the best: Pixel Prospector’s finest

Earlier this year, we celebrated the birthday of a great indie game players/makers resource with a rather popular lookback over it’s past three years.  Now, we bring you news of Simon Kaizen’s latest creation, “Pixel Prospector’s FINEST”.

PPF is a bit like a hall of fame.  Simon’s gone through the 500+ indie games on Pixel Prospector, and whittled it down to 60 amazing games.  It’s more than a simple list though, every game is showcased with a screenshot, trailer, information (developer, genre, release year, price, size).

But that’s not all, you also get the ‘official’  game description from the developer, a mini-review from Pixel Prospector, plus links to written and video reviews.

AND – Simon’s put together a pretty amazing Youtube video with snippets of the first 60 games.

The great thing about PPF is you can quickly go through it via platform or genre, and see all those ‘essential’ games that you somehow missed the first time around. It’s also a great resource when you’re trying to introduce someone to indie gaming and you just want to show them a few killer titles. (The video I linked to earlier would be ideal.)

Pixel Prospector’s FINEST promises to add 2 more ‘worthy’ games to the list each week.  If this collection is tightly curated, I can see it become a real badge of honour to be selected. Maybe the 2012 indie equivalent of the Zzap!64 ‘Sizzler’?

You can explore the site yourself here:   Pixel Prospector’s FINEST

2 Responses to The best of the best of the best: Pixel Prospector’s finest

  1. News-nerd says:

    ‘worthy’ games sounds good to me. So not everybody is just listed…

  2. […] due to increased traffic… Gabe (of J-OMG) just informed me via mail that he wrote a little review about PixelProspector’s Finest. Nice! November 1, 2012 […]

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