About J-OMG

Just One More Game is the first blog dedicated to:

  • Retro Games,
  • Indie Games
  • AND… Coinop Games.

Just One More Game
covers the lot…

From Commodore 64 classics to the latest Coinop arcade machines…
From games built by bedroom coders to games you might have forgotten..

Just One More Game’s TOP 11 posts 

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  5. EXCLUSIVE: Armalyte up my life!
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  8. JOMG’s own game – Operation Block
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  10. Auction: World’s only Geometry Wars arcade cab
  11. The 1st Sydney Pinball Expo


Gabe McGrath is a radio creative (ad writer) who spends his “after hours” looking after ‘player 3’ (his son) and ‘player 4’ (his young daughter), playing retro/indie/coinop games & keeping JOMG ticking over.


One Response to About J-OMG

  1. I have quoted you in my talk for the 2009 International Young ICT Professionals Conference, Sydney, 3 September 2009:

    “Twitter is a bit like the trailer for a movie, the chat you have with a friend while you queue for popcorn … But blogs are still the film, the main feature.”

    Gabriel McGrath, quoted in Will Facebook kill blogging?, Katie Cincotta, FairFax Digital, 25 June 2009

    Perhaps the analogy should be extended to say a web site is like the book the film was made from.

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