More screenshots: Smila & Stu’s arcade project

April 12, 2010

Following on from our exclusive story last week, Smila’s shared a few more screenshots & renders for his ‘virtual arcade’ project with Stu C. We’ve also got a few insights into the kinds of things the boys hope to include…

First up, more screenshots!

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Do these guys ever sleep?

April 8, 2010

Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey has just popped up on the Retro Remakes forums, telling us of his next project with Stuart Collier! That’s after their C64 remake Scarabaeus. Which is after their work on Final Ninja. They must be on RedBull IV drips or something.

Anyway, quoting the man himself…

“[Our next project is] a first person arcade with loads of arcade clones to play about on. The main room and outdoor areas are built…”

Here’s an early render of the outside of the building…

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Auction: World’s only Geometry Wars arcade cabinet

July 14, 2009

In the 80’s, the biggest, baddest gamers played Robotron 2084 in the arcades. Twenty years later, the biggest, baddest gamers played Geometry Wars on their Xbox 360 at home.

Now, in the logical end to this story… you can be the biggest, baddest gamer… snapping up the world’s only Geometry Wars arcade cab.

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