Retro Remakes – Category 4,5,6 winners are…

March 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay.
Here is one extra-chunky-with-double-toppings post – and – I’ve got a bonus Retro Remakes feature coming soon…

Category 4 was “A Game for Helen”.

Entrants were challenged to write “games can bring some entertainment to lots of people with a wide range of abilities – due to their accessibility”.

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Retro Remakes – Category 3 winner is…

February 19, 2009

Well here it is – the 3rd of SIX category winners.

Category 3 is “Sequels that weren’t”.

Entrants were challenged to write a sequel to a retro videogame.

Simple concept. Hard to do well. After all, with a remake, you merely duplicate someone’s work & improve on the execution. With a sequel, you need to duplicate their work, and extrapolate/improve on the design. That – is a challenge.

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Retro Remakes – Category 2 winner is…

February 17, 2009

Well here it is – the 2nd of SIX category winners.
And this result – will be very different to every other result this year…


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Retro Remakes – Category 1 winner is…

February 7, 2009

Well here it is – the first of SIX category winners.
(AND – the downloads are back, so all you people hoping to download “Empire Strikes Back” – for example – can finally do so)

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Awise from your Gwave – More 2008 Remakes links

January 25, 2009

Awise from your Gwave - Retro Remakes is back

Despite a recent destructive hack, the Retro Remakes site is back, much to the joy of retro game players (& makers). The forum has returned at a slightly different address, but sadly at this stage, the 2008 RR Competition downloads are not available.

Don’t worry; I’ve updated all my links to (off-site download) games, and added a few more, so you can catch up on your post-festive season gaming

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STOP! Hammer time. (*alternate* Remakes download links)

December 17, 2008

Photo by Michael Jastremski (CC sharealike)

With 50 great freeware games released at once, the Retro Remakes site has been getting a bit of a hammering.

To help spread the load, many of the remake authors are hosting their own entry as an off-site download.

(I’ve gathered all the links, screenshots & titles… after the jump)

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Retro Remakes Compo 2008… my Dirty Dozen Downloads.

December 15, 2008

Retro remakes are to videogames, what cover versions are to classic songs.

Sometimes they can take you on an interesting tangent to the orginal. Sometimes they can add things that were sorely lacking. And sometimes – they’re just crap.

The best website I’ve found for retro remakes is RetroRemakes dot com. The main focus is the forums (rather than the news page) where you’ll find lots of very helpful people, and a few bods who are a little bit obsessed with Dr Who.

Once every 2 years(ish) the people behind RR decide to hold a Remakes competition. There are a variety of categories to enter, and always some VERY cool prizes to win. And when I say cool, I mean “lustworthy gaming hardware”.

RetroRemakes 2008 Compo has just finished, and the downloads are ready to be played, whilst the judges do their bit. There’s around 50 entries, and I thought I’d show you a dozen entries caught my eye. (NB: I haven’t played any yet… watch out for my “entries to watch” in coming weeks…)

(NB: The download link follows the previews, at the bottom of this post)
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