Game Maker – Game Breaker

August 14, 2009

Welcome to day 4 of “International Operation Block Week”.
One day to go!

Monday I told you about the background of the remake. Tuesday I showed you how I analysed the original arcade hit. Wednesday, I showed you how I made virtual Lego objects, and today, it’s time to talk programming.

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JOMG’s own game – Operation Block

August 10, 2009

Now THIS is something I’ve been waiting to share with you.

I’m making a game!
…a retro remake.

And since “1988’s most over the top game” is the subject of an incredibly detailed new feature in this month’s Retro Gamer magazine, now is the PERFECT time to tell you all about it.

Welcome, to Day 1 of “International Operation Block Week”.
Each day (Monday to Friday) I’ll have a little bit more for you. 🙂

But first, a little history…

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