Sega Racing Classic is a bland, widescreen Daytona

November 3, 2009

Wow, I haven’t been this disappointed about an arcade game since… I dunno… Thundercross 2?

Sega Racing Classic is the new driving game coming from Sega, and as the flyer suggested, it’s an update of the famous Daytona USA. Yes, the 1995 title that still keeps it’s value; still keeps on earning at locations around the world.

SRC had the potential to be the most amazing/successful arcade update since Outrun 2. All Sega needed to do was…

  1. Keep the Daytona name
  2. Keep the Daytona song
  3. Upgrade the graphics using the Sega Rally 3 engine

And according to the location test (& gameplay videos) at, Sega have managed a Failsational™ 0/3.

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