R18au – at last a new perspective

February 17, 2012

I read an interesting post by Daniel Golding yesterday for Crikey.com.au’s recently-launched GAME ON blog.

Here’s my response…

Hi Dan,

Congratulations on the new blog. And for doing the impossible. Finding a fresh new angle on a subject many of us considered ‘done to death’.

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Classic videogames hit the stage

July 21, 2010

Header - 'Game Play'

Philip: You like the theatre?
Moss: Never been. But I’ve always liked the idea of the theatre. The smell of the grease, the roar of the paint. I’ve often thought if I hadn’t ended up in computers, I would’ve gone into the theatre.
Philip: But you’ve never been to see a play?
Moss: No.
Philip: Why not?
Moss: [shrugs] Never had the interest.

That’s Maurice Moss, in one of the funniest IT Crowd episodes ever. But even Moss would enjoy a videogame-based theatre festival…

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