Upside down, Miss Jane*!

August 13, 2009

Melbourne’s Age (& Fairfax’s newspapers/websites elsewhere) does a lot of great stuff for videogaming.

I grew up reading C64 reviews in The Green Guide on a Thursday. In the 90’s I read the Icon liftout on a Saturday. And these days, I never miss a post on the fantastic Screen Play blog.

But did all the Age staff get the memo that “near enough isn’t good enough” for covering videogames?

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Its pointless or the most important thing in the world.

July 27, 2009

Early last year, I decided that merely playing videogames wasn’t enough. I wanted to write about them too.

I flew interstate for a big gaming expo and attended my first gaming press conference. I interviewed one of gaming’s great pioneers, and met a nice freelancer in the hallway. I wrote many articles on the same story – tweeking them slightly for each publication. But then the polite rejection emails started arriving. I got “stuffed around” by an Aussie editor who ran hot ‘n’ cold. Things weren’t looking good.

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