Pinball Paradise for the next 50 hours – part 1

If you love pinball and live within a few hours of Newcastle (Australia, I add for our UK readers) –

For the next 50 hours, Newcastle (& nearby Caves Beach) will host more quality pinball action that Australia’s seen in years.


Want to try Stern’s barely-even announced brand new STAR TREK pinball?
What about a limited edition Wizard of Oz?

If you’d like to be one of the first people in NSW to try them, they’re 2 of 6 games that were unveiled this afternoon at The Commonwealth Hotel in Cooks Hill.

Luke Phillips of LA Games says the full lineup is as follows:

  • Wizard of Oz (LE)
  • Star Trek (Stern’s latest release)
  • AC/DC (fully loaded)
  • NBA by Stern (very rare pin)
  • Xmen Wolverine (LE)
  • Family Guy
  • Simpsons Pinball Party

And a short time ago today, he shared the following photo.

A photo of the pinball lineup at The Commonwealth Hotel. Pic by Luke Phillips.

A photo of the pinball lineup at The Commonwealth Hotel. Pic by Luke Phillips.

So, will I see you there tonight? Here’s the Cooks Hill Hotel website and a google maps link to get you there.

The Cooks Hill Hotel has a fully licensed bistro with great food (I’ve been there before) and the area is kid friendly too.
Luke says this pinball setup is a permanent fixture at the pub, and “There’ll be 5-6 pins there at all times.”

So now, the Cooks Hill Hotel joins Pizza & Pinball in Broadmeadow as two permanent high-quality pinball venues in the Newcastle area.

And for another, bigger pinball experience this weekend… there’s Pinfest 2013.
Read all about it (including the full list of games!) right here.

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