Identify these gaming fonts to win!

December 25, 2009

Can you identify the retro/indie/coinop ‘gaming fonts’ in our JOMG Merry Christmas logo?

There’s one game/company per letter, in “M-e-r-r-y C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s”.

First 3 people to tell us the complete list (IN THE COMMENTS BELOW) will WIN a limited edition “Galaga World Champion” badge, supplied to us by the man himself, Phil Day.

Some are easy, some are hard.
…First 3 people to list them all correctly in the comments below will WIN.

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PS: Besides any update on this competition, JOMG is ‘on holiday’ till Monday January 12.

First Aussie review: Special When Lit

December 23, 2009

As promised, here’s our exclusive Australian review of Special When Lit, thanks to Aussie Arcade member AskJacob:

The Australian premiere screening was at the Chauvel Cinema, a well known Arthouse cinema in Paddington. When we got there, I thought I’d wandered into some other function – it was full! REALLY full of people, and LOUD – christmas party loud. It was a unique experience, I have never been in a cinema lobby with that kind of vibe before. “Perhaps they’re here for another function – there are several cinemas” said the Mrs – and I thought it was likely. None of these folk seemed to look like my mental image of a Pin-Head!

Fortunately while waiting in the lobby I started to see a few likely candidates floating around – there was someone with a shirt that says “TILT! I’ll give you tilt!” – and another with an arcade themed shirt. I relaxed – this must have been the right place, but I was still wondering what the other event that must be going on at the same time was…?
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Australian Premiere: Special When Lit

December 22, 2009

Right now, I’m sitting in a hot room, with a loud pedestal fan singing in unison with the loud fan in my desktop PC. They’re both a bit unhappy with the Aussie Summer heat. But my heart isn’t in my study, as I sit at my desk. It’s 200km down the road… at the Chauvel Cinema, in Sydney. Because right now, they’re screening a very special movie premiere…

Special When Lit is showing tonight, for the first time in Australia. This film, a UK/Australian production had its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London a few months ago. There it was nominated for BEST DOCUMENTARY.

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Miyamoto never had to work for press like this

December 16, 2009
CLICK on pic for LARGE version

CLICK on pic for LARGE version

Darius of Tiny Subversions explains it all here.

Or…. you can read the original “comedy gold” comments thread here.

Hope you enjoy my motivational poster. It’s available at JOMG for FREE, but I maybe putting it on Xbox live arcade for 400 points. 😉

Review: Cobex (Cruising on Broadway Extra)

December 16, 2009

Longtime retro remaker Caffeinekid recently sent me a headsup, about his latest classic game remake. It’s an interesting project, in both its legal – and ‘financial’ – status.

Let me explain…

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ACMI spreads the Indiegaming love

December 8, 2009

ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) is one of the most gaming-friendly museums in the world. In the past 4 years, this venue in Melbourne (Australia) has dedicated exhibitions to Sonic the Hedgehog, Games with an Agenda, Machinema, Aussie developer Beam Software/Melbourne House, and of course the exhibition we covered quite thoroughly… Game On.

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Happy birthday JOMG!

December 4, 2009

(Please allow us just one, self-centred post this year….)

12 months ago this week, JustOneMoreGame spread words, pictures & retro/indie/coinop gaming joy for the first time.

Since then, we’ve set Twitter on fire (making games run backwards), gone cross-eyed… spotting characters, discovered the “@” sign is a lie, introduced the cutest gamer-to-be & started developing our own game.

Right now, I’m working through a huge backlog of tips ‘n’ great gaming news… plus a few exclusives that are bubbling away quietly in the background. The next few weeks should be pretty interesting indeed…

thanks for your support guys!

*Legopic by Flikr user PhotomishDan.