Turrican-esque game for the Neo Geo?

May 3, 2011

Header: Gun Lord

Despite being released in 1990, the Neo Geo arcade system is still seeing new releases, thanks to the work of the NG:DEV team. And yes, I’m talking about ‘proper’ games (as in, real carts), such as Last Hope and Fast Striker.

NEWSFLASH: I see that Fast Striker is now also available on iOS.

Now, NG:Dev have released the first screenshots of their latest title, Gunlord. And it’s nothing like their previous titles. Better still, it appears to have been inspired by one of my favourite C64 games.

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Still not dead – the Neo Geo MVS

April 23, 2010

One of the (very few) regrets of having the lovely ‘player 3’ (now 9 months) in my life is that I haven’t had any time for my other children. Haven’t spent a minute with them, since he arrived. But don’t worry, I’m not talking about humans. I’m talking ‘arcade cabinets’. Here’s one of them…

My 6 slot MVS cabinet

My 6 slot MVS cabinet

It’s my 6 slot Neo Geo MVS cab. (6 slots = you can choose from 6 games via a menu). My cart collection includes Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble and Nam 75. Mind you, this photo was ‘pre-baby’… it’s now cooling its digital heels in the garage.

But then you can’t keep the MVS system down. Even though it was released 20(!) years ago, there’s STILL one group left, releasing cartridges for it! NG:Dev. Team released a horizontal shooter (‘Last Hope’) in 2007 for the Neo Geo AES home system, Neo Geo CD & Sega Dreamcast. Reviews were mixed; many referring to it’s punishing difficulty level, and difficult-to-see bullets.

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Big Auction – Small Price

May 12, 2009

The big UK ePay auction we covered last week has now ended.

Someone’s done pretty well: £4100 for a gazillion pieces of videogaming equipment, games & memorabilia. I just hope the seller wasn’t counting on a much higher price…

Exclusive: One ebay auction to rule them all

May 6, 2009

You’ve probably heard about the current eBay UK auction with “over 1000 videogame items”.

But what’s the story?

J-OMG tracked down the seller RetroBoyG to ask all the questions you want answered…

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