R18au – at last a new perspective

February 17, 2012

I read an interesting post by Daniel Golding yesterday for Crikey.com.au’s recently-launched GAME ON blog.

Here’s my response…

Hi Dan,

Congratulations on the new blog. And for doing the impossible. Finding a fresh new angle on a subject many of us considered ‘done to death’.

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The Man who shmupped the Verminest

February 9, 2012

JustOneMoreGame’s gamingdevcrush on Locomalito continues unabated, with news that his latest game “They Came from Verminest” due out next Wednesday February 15.

So after the international day of love, it’ll be the international day of “shooting greyscale Galagaesque aliens in red-blue3D”. Or something like that. 

Exciting words emailed from Loco himself – below!
And screenshots. Loverly screenshots.  And bonus materials.  
(Oh just click, will ya.)

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