Remakes, Games & a bloke called Shane

April 29, 2009

Yesterday, I had a piece published on Jason Hill’s excellent Screen Play blog. It was the story behind Australia’s first “Retro Remakes” category winner.

Today, we go into a bit more detail with Sydney-based retro game maker Shane Hockings. We go behind the scenes of his previous remakes, get a tonne of great tips for would-be remakers, and tease out a little hint… as to his next top-secret project…

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Guest blogging today at Screen Play

April 28, 2009

I’m guest blogging “somewhere else” today, but before I send you to that site… a quick explanation.

12 months ago, I was angry.

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Previously, on JustOneMoreGame…

April 27, 2009

The following took place*, between December 2008 & April 2009…

(*Well, it’s a catchy way to introduce new J-OMG visitors to some of our biggest posts.)

Ghostbusters game – first look at the intro

April 27, 2009

Gametrailers has another WORLD EXCLUSIVE (their caps, not mine) with the intro of the soon-to-be-released Ghostbusters game in lovely HD.

Click here, and keep humming that song for the rest of the day.

Sure, a brand new Ghostbusters game isn’t Indie, nor Coinop. If anything, it’s NuRetro™. (©JOMG ;)) But since my gaming handle has always been “Mr_Staypuft“, it’s the mostest excitingest “new” game due all year…

It’s an Outrun-ebration!

April 22, 2009

With last week’s release of Outrun Live Arcade on Xbox360 & the PS3, it seems a great time for J-OMG to celebrate this classic series.

First of all, let’s go right back… to 1986…

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MJ Auction cancelled: World saved from terrible arcade games

April 15, 2009

Earlier today, that huge “Michael Jackson auction” was called off.

This means you won’t be able to get your hands on his Super-Deluxe R360, Galaxy Force 2, original Ms Pacman or Donkey Kong cabs.
But the UPSIDE is… the world will be protected from the lesser-known gaming monstrosities in his collection.

WARNING: Do not read on, if you are offended by poor quality arcade games.

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A true videogame legend leaves the stage…

April 8, 2009

If Shigeru Miyamoto is gaming’s equivalent of Walt Disney, then Yu Suzuki is surely gaming’s Jerry Bruckheimer.

He was responsible for those big, loud fun Sega hits in the arcade in the 1980s, like AfterBurner II and Out Run. In the following decades, he continued his run of hit games, including the Virtua Fighter series.

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Player 2 no longer needs “Stackhat of Protection”

April 6, 2009

As I’ve blogged previously, my wife and I are expecting our first baby (aka “Player 3”) in late June.

Of course, being a gamer, I’m approaching this event in a gamer-like manner.

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