The Man who shmupped the Verminest

February 9, 2012

JustOneMoreGame’s gamingdevcrush on Locomalito continues unabated, with news that his latest game “They Came from Verminest” due out next Wednesday February 15.

So after the international day of love, it’ll be the international day of “shooting greyscale Galagaesque aliens in red-blue3D”. Or something like that. 

Exciting words emailed from Loco himself – below!
And screenshots. Loverly screenshots.  And bonus materials.  
(Oh just click, will ya.)

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One button bait: Flush the Goldfish

January 11, 2012

Two years ago, I really enjoyed playing ‘One Button Bob‘ – a fun Flash platform game where each screen in the platformer uses a single mousebutton in a different way, to control the action.

Now, Flush the Goldfish has arrived. 
And he’s all outta gum.

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To Sir, with games. Karl Adamson.

December 15, 2011

(CC photo credit)

Videogames allow us to explore space, or race a Ferrari. To match shapes,  or solve ancient mysteries. To make Sonic collect drugs, or throw excrement at Kieron Gillen. And for the latter, we can thank Karl Adamson.

Karl’s a supply/substitute teacher in the UK, teaching Secondary English. In 2008, he made his own interactive fiction (text adventure) game and used it in the classrooom. It was a simple ‘haunted castle’ affair, designed to teach narrative techniques. The students enjoyed the experience and as Karl wrote in The New Statesman, he “realised he’d become irrevocably addicted to designing games.  [It] became both a hobby and an obsession.”

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Get ready……….. to HUMBLE!!!

July 27, 2011

  • Great games.
  • Pay what you want.
  • No DRM.
  • Money to charity.
  • Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • Redeemable on Steam.

“Marty, where we’re going.. you don’t NEED sentences!”

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What’s the (power)point? Synchronization.

July 21, 2011

So, who likes Powerpoint?

  • Microsoft
  • Crazies
  • People who don’t get to speak to a crowd very often

[click for next slide]

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Oh, I do like the look of this. Voxatron!

January 13, 2011

Wow… it’s ((Minecraft x Gauntlet) + Robotron)!
Looks like loads of fun.

Hope there’s a demo released for it…

Coming out in late 2011, on PC & Mac.

Source: Tigsource.

Indie shmup generates mp3 bullet madness

November 10, 2010

Header: Shmusicup

Ok, this is a bit different.

Shmusicup is a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot’em up. It’s a vertical scrolling shooter (of the bullet-hell variety) where the enemy bullet patterns are generated by any mp3 chosen from the player’s music collection.

Youtube trailer below.

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