Our Politician Gamer story is front page news

October 18, 2010

Header - Tas Premier story featured on SMH & The Age

Now THIS is a cool surprise.

Last week, Fairfax Media blogger Jason Hill suggested I edit the J-OMG “Politician who Pwns” story into something more suitable for Screen Play’s YOUR TURN segment. I did so, and used a few quotes from David Bartlett that didn’t make it in their original article.

The story was published today on the Fairfax network, and I thought that was it.

Not quite.

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VVVVVV being demade… to the C64!

October 13, 2010
Screenshot: C64 demake of VVVVVV

Screenshot: C64 demake of VVVVVV


Indie-hit VVVVVV (err, that’s 6 x ‘V’, not 3 x ‘W’, if you were wondering) is now being demade from it’s original PC platform, to the Commodore 64.

Matching the sound/graphics of the original won’t be too hard; but getting the item placement and controls right… will be crucial.

There’s already a demo available, so fire up your favourite C64 emulator, and get playing!

By the way the original game is STILL available for just US$5, from the author’s site. I’m about 40% through it, and it’s great fun.

Source: Endurion @ RR forums

World exclusive: The Politician who Pwns

October 1, 2010
Politician by Day, Rockstar after Dark - Photoshop by Gabe

Politician by Day, Rockstar after Dark - Photoshop by Gabe

Politicians love to bash videogames.

No matter where you live – you know it. From English Lords attacking Grand Theft Auto to Greek lawmakers banning coin-op arcades. From restrictive laws in Germany, to senators talking ‘murder simulators’ in the USA.

But 2010 is the year of impossible things. People playing Duke Nukem Forever. A brand new Pacman game in the arcades. And now, a politician who likes videogames. Mind you – he’s not just an MP… he’s the Tasmanian state premier. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s most game-friendly politician, David Bartlett.

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