It’s the Pacmagna Carta!

June 24, 2010


Pacman creator Toru Iwatani is in Holland to speak at The Festival of Games, and Dutch Gamedev magazine CONTROL has an amazing exclusive.

A peek at Iwatani’s original sketchbook for Pacman.

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Nothing to say. Just watch this Youtube clip.

April 9, 2010

Ok, one thing to say.
Monsieur Jean, how about some more clips, using other famous cities?


Credit: Tweeted by BoingBoing’s @Frauenfelder

You scratch my Pac… I scratch yours.

March 30, 2009

When Pacman was released in the early 80’s, there was a tonne of merchandise, both official & unofficial. T-shirts, lunchboxes, a hit song…

And after a few years, it all disappeared.

It wasn’t until about 2000, when MAME got people playing old games again on their PC, that “Pacman Fever” started infecting pop culture again.

Today we have the latest appearance by Pacman…
This time… in just one Australian state… you can buy your own…

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Mel’s Amazing Arcade Artworks

February 2, 2009

Sign maker Melissa Jones creates amazing “resin castings” of classic arcade characters.

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Socks for Christmas = Epic Win

December 25, 2008

Yes, “socks for Christmas”. Such a cliche.
Most gamers would prefer *anything* else.

But this year, they’ve led to me naming “The World’s Coolest Retrogaming Mum”.

See “why” – after the jump.
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