Dig Dug, Tapper guy… it’s Wreck-It Ralph trailer 2!

September 14, 2012

Wow, this just keeps looking better and better.

Lots of cute ‘game phenomena’ moments (when a character dies, they reappear “flashing” for a few seconds) with game characters (well-known & obscure) from a wide range of eras.

Plus Jane Lynch as herself. Well, actually an FPS heroine – but it’s 98% Jane.

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Can I have a large Coke, a large popcorn, and…

June 7, 2012

Two tickets* to this, please…

*Oh I know the movie won’t be showing for at least 5 months,
I’ll just happily camp out here in the queue at the cinema, until then. 

(Just tell the other patrons to step over me, if I’m asleep.)



Spotted at RPS.

Check out J-OMG’s old gameroom

September 2, 2010

Recently, Aussie game journo Jason Hill posted some fascinating photos of his ‘game setups‘ from 1998-2003 on his Screen Play blog. He then asked people to contribute their own ‘gaming setup’ photos, and I thought I should try sending something a bit different.

If you pop over to yesterday’s Screen Play ‘You show off‘ blogpost, you’ll get to see my arcade gameroom/mancave circa 2008. Yes, there’s my Australian 26″ Neo Geo 6 slot machine; sadly without its lovely ‘mini marquees’ – which are pictured below. You’ll also see my beloved Terminator 2 pinball machine. (Not pictured is my Hankin cocktail/tabletop arcade machine, which I’ll be restoring soon.)

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There’s a bomb in the pinball machine! Tell me where it is!

February 20, 2009

A quick update for 24/pinball fans wanting more pictures…

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