Its pointless or the most important thing in the world.

July 27, 2009

Early last year, I decided that merely playing videogames wasn’t enough. I wanted to write about them too.

I flew interstate for a big gaming expo and attended my first gaming press conference. I interviewed one of gaming’s great pioneers, and met a nice freelancer in the hallway. I wrote many articles on the same story – tweeking them slightly for each publication. But then the polite rejection emails started arriving. I got “stuffed around” by an Aussie editor who ran hot ‘n’ cold. Things weren’t looking good.

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Australian Pinball Museum – Michael Shalhoub speaks

July 21, 2009

After our recent update on the Australian Pinball Museum, I contacted the other “main man” Michael Shalhoub – for his comments on the project.

Michael’s come back with an insight into his future plans, and some great photos with some of pinball’s legendary designers.

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Australian Pinball Museum – first pics

July 16, 2009

Many pinball fans (especially Australians) would have heard of the work being done by Alan Tate & Michael Shaloub to open a pinball museum on The Gold Coast.

For years, news on this project has been pretty scarce. But now, Aussie Arcade member “pinballer” has visited the site, talked to Alan Tate & taken some photos.

I am very thankful to Stu, for allowing me to publish his text and pictures. Hopefully, he’s answered most* of the questions you’ve got about this project…

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Auction: World’s only Geometry Wars arcade cabinet

July 14, 2009

In the 80’s, the biggest, baddest gamers played Robotron 2084 in the arcades. Twenty years later, the biggest, baddest gamers played Geometry Wars on their Xbox 360 at home.

Now, in the logical end to this story… you can be the biggest, baddest gamer… snapping up the world’s only Geometry Wars arcade cab.

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When will I, will I be…

July 11, 2009

Well, it looks like you won’t be able to escape me for a few months!
I’ve been writing, interviewed, quoted… writing some more…

(*if the above pic confuses you, you mustn’t know these 1988 one-hit-wonders, nor their most famous song.)

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I’d like you to meet someone…

July 6, 2009

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