Classic coinops + awesome poster + charity = win

March 25, 2010

Need a poster for your gamesroom?

Do you love…

  • classic arcade cabs
  • pixel art
  • helping kids with disabilities access videogames?

Then this is for you.

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Interview: Edge’s Pixel Perfectionist… Gary “Army of Trolls” Lucken

June 26, 2009

More & more people are getting interested in pixel graphics, especially since the recent release of Gary J Lucken’s poster for Edge magazine subscribers.

So… it’s about time we invited Mr “Army of Trolls” over for a virtua cuppa, to talk pixelling, games, folk music & zombies. (Amongst other things)

I’ve got some pieces of Gary’s work that you may not have seen before… and you’ll FINALLY find out where the name “Army of Trolls” came from…

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Quick update

June 25, 2009

Please excuse the lack updates in recent weeks – this has been due to 3 simultaneous things:

  1. Our 1st baby (aka “Player 3” aka “baby latte”) is likely to be born this Friday.
  2. My “real” work has been very busy.
  3. I suddenly had a Retro Gamer commission (article to write).

So here’s the latest from J-OMG headquarters…

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Edge pixel poster crowd-solving results

June 15, 2009

Following up from our earlier post last week, it’s time to combine all the “game spotting” solutions that were made, on forums around the net.

I’ve listed the results twice – firstly sorted by Game Title, then by Grid Reference.

So far, there are 64 make that 89 games/systems/references listed … do you think we’ve got them all?

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Edge pixel poster challenge – now with added grid!

June 11, 2009

Edge magazine has sent out an amazing bonus to current subscribers – a specially-commissioned pixel art poster crammed with videogame references.

The artist was Gary “armyoftrolls” Lucken. And boy does he do great work.

I’ve just spent my lunchtime creating a “grid reference” version, so we can solve the mysteries together. Download link appears below.

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