Pinball Paradise for the next 50 hours – part 2

September 20, 2013

In our first post today, I told you about some never-seen-before pinball action on offer tonight in Newcastle. And now it gets even bigger.

THIS WEEKEND, Pinfest returns to The Caves Beach Hotel, and I genuinely believe it’s Australia’s best pinball event.

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Pinball Paradise for the next 50 hours – part 1

September 20, 2013

If you love pinball and live within a few hours of Newcastle (Australia, I add for our UK readers) –

For the next 50 hours, Newcastle (& nearby Caves Beach) will host more quality pinball action that Australia’s seen in years.

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Pinfest: In the crazed mind of a Wizard

September 8, 2012

There are some great pinball players coming to compete at Pinfest tonight…   Richard (RGR),  Scotty (Cruiserman), Rob (TIN), Mitch (DataBeast), just to name a few.

But what goes on…   in the crazed mind of a top pinball player?

JOMG flipped a few questions to Edy Stevens (aka Dedrok) as he helped setup the machines for this weekend…

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Pinfest – how one mad idea came to fruition

September 7, 2012

December 2011.

After months of work, Chris and Dom Slevin opened their dream business, Pizza n Pinball, in Broadmeadow. (A Newcastle suburb, 2 hours north of Sydney)  The brothers combining their skills in takeaway food, pinball maintenance and of course their love of the silverball. The word was put out via arcade forums, a Facebook page was set up, and the customers started to walk in.

One of those initial customers… was Robert Denton.

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Unveiled: Official poster for Pinfest, Caves Beach

August 3, 2012

Yes, you might have heard whispers about this one, but J-OMG has been digging a bit deeper to get you all the juicy details.

The inaugural PINFEST Pinball Festival will happen on Saturday September 8th and Sunday September 9th at the spectacular Caves Beach Hotel complex. Entry will be $10, with most proceeds going to the ‘SIDS for kids’ foundation.

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That def, flat and papery kid, sure crafts a mean…

August 19, 2011

GoPinball Papercraft - header image

(Oh yes, took me SECONDS to write that headline. Every one’s a winner baby.)

Jarlaxe, a member of the forums, has put pixels to phosphors, and ink to scissors, to create some fantastic papercraft pinball models.

T2, Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Wheel of Fortune (erm..) – they’re all there, ready for sneaky printing at your workplace, or less-sneaky printing at home.

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First video footage: James Cameron’s Avatar pinball machine

August 3, 2010

Avatar Pinball machine - header image

Full points, as always, to the team at Arcade Heroes who are so often first with the goodstuff.
This video appeared as part of their 2010 AAMA distributor expo report… which featured footage of upcoming games like Terminator Salvation (including the monster 100″ cabinet!).

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