Pinfest: In the crazed mind of a Wizard

There are some great pinball players coming to compete at Pinfest tonight…   Richard (RGR),  Scotty (Cruiserman), Rob (TIN), Mitch (DataBeast), just to name a few.

But what goes on…   in the crazed mind of a top pinball player?

JOMG flipped a few questions to Edy Stevens (aka Dedrok) as he helped setup the machines for this weekend…

Edy Stevens. Pro pinball player.

JOMG:   So Edy, the comp’s on tonight.  Which 3 machines are you most confident on in competition? How far can you get on them?

Hmm…. All depends how it feels / plays on the day. Could be any machine, I don’t really care when it comes to the comp, just “step up and hit it”.

 What’s your history at other pinball competitions?

I’ve had a couple of wins, but I’m happy to consistantly be in the ‘top 8’.

What are your tips for ‘average’ players who’d like to improve their skills?

Find out what way to play best suits you , trap and shoot or flowing play, then practice. Learn the basics; trap, pass and catch shots and practice them.

What’s your best story about playing a game when you were ‘on fire’?

I recently had a theory on how to get big points on TOTAN (Tales of The Arabian Nights). Tried it out on the Virtual Cab and got 4B+, so went into Pizza N Pinball to play the one in there to test the theory, and rolled it (1Billion) on my 1st ball. Theory checked out, but just fell short of 2Billion. 

Some of the games to be featured at Pinfest

Which machine/mode often kicks your butt or intimidates you if it comes up in a comp?

Anything or Mode on AC/DC

What machines do you have at home?

Machines at home ….. TOTAN, Sopranos, Monopoly, LOTR, Guns N Roses, Tommy Pinball Wizard, Frankenstein, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, TMNT, Comet, Gorgar, Time Warp, Lost World, Harlem Globe Trotters, Playboy, Evel Kinevel, Cosmic Princess, Sinbad and DEDPIN (Virtual Cab).  Also a Fish Tales, Hook and WWF floating about somwhere.

Fave pinball ever?

I never really have a favorite , but after having my Judge Dredd for 12 years and recently moving it on to some mates that desperatly wanted one, it would have to be classed as my all time fav, I do miss it so.

Thanks for your time Dedrok.

Edy Stevens is one of the many generous pinball owners who’ve supplied machines to Pinfest. See him in the competition tonight, at Caves Beachside Hotel.

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