Steve Wiebe triumphs. Exclusive PC wallpaper download.

September 21, 2010

Header: Steve Wiebe's Sept 2010 DK world record

(*Adopts TV voiceover tone…)

Previously, on J-OMG…

In March this year, plastic surgeon Hank Chien grabbed top place from Billy Mitchell, until he was overtaken by Mullet Sauceman on July 31. Since then, dark clouds have enveloped the land. Hearts were broken; tears flowed like rivers. Until…

Late yesterday, Twingalaxies verified a new DK world record, for everybody’s favourite algebra teacher. Yes. Steve Wiebe has set a new Donkey Kong world record, with 1,064,500 pts.

To celebrate, we’ve updated J-OMG’s exclusive “Go Steve Go” PC Wiebepapers.

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Download game creator! Make game! Win stuff!

September 8, 2010

Yesterday we covered the FPS Creator, one of many game-making tools by The Game Creators.

Today, I thought* I’d tell you a bit about their current comp. (*Well, actually they sent me a press release which was (a) Relevant (b) Personalised (c) Short and (d) Friendly… Take note, PR people!)

It’s a “Games for Netbooks Competition”, which challenges you to make a game, playable on a netbook, using either DarkBASIC Professional (which is now FREE, how very ‘2010’!) or Dark GDK (now included free of charge with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express)

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Why wait for Duke? Make your OWN damn FPS!

September 7, 2010

One of the most exciting things for me in gaming, has been the sudden democratisation of game making in recent years. The incredible array of new tools released in the last decade has made it easier than ever before – to make your own game.

As I’ve mentioned previously, there are quite a few options, that vary enormously in scope, ease of use, and cost. Personally, I like Game Maker for what I want to do. (Old-school 2D games) But there are many other options, that will cover a variety of genres.

But what about if you JUST want to make a First Person Shooter?

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Exclusive: First 5 screens from Last Ninja remake

September 5, 2010

Header: The Final Ninja

Earlier this year, J-OMG was first with the news that C64 class The Last Ninja was being remade for the PC. This daunting task, was being undertaken by Trevor ‘Smila’ Story and Stu Collier – makers of the Armalyte remake we reviewed back in March.

Today, I’m pleased to present the world’s first look at 5 screens from level 1 of The Final Ninja. To help refresh your memory, I’ve alternated a screenshot from the original title, with the relevant pic from the remake.

And now, on with the show…

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Duke Nukem won’t take Forever – boo!

September 5, 2010

JustOneMoreGame:  Operation Block header

Actually, despite my enthusiastic post yesterday, there is one small problem with the impending 2011 release of Duke Nukem Forever.

My big mouth.

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Duke Nukem won’t take Forever – yay!

September 4, 2010

Header: Duke Nukem Forever

A long time ago, people said that 3D Realms’ FPS game “Prey” would never be released. It had taken too long… too many changes of direction… but amazingly, it did eventuate.


The same thing happened with Team Fortress 2. And of course when it was released it was (and still is) a phenomenal success.

Team Fortress 2

A week ago, if you asked most gamers about Duke Nukem Forever, they’d say “It’ll never happen.” Well, it is going to happen, in 2011. Just like the aforementioned Prey and TF2, it HAS emerged from development hell.

Earlier today (my time) DNF was announced, and demonstrated at the Penny Arcade Expo.

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Check out J-OMG’s old gameroom

September 2, 2010

Recently, Aussie game journo Jason Hill posted some fascinating photos of his ‘game setups‘ from 1998-2003 on his Screen Play blog. He then asked people to contribute their own ‘gaming setup’ photos, and I thought I should try sending something a bit different.

If you pop over to yesterday’s Screen Play ‘You show off‘ blogpost, you’ll get to see my arcade gameroom/mancave circa 2008. Yes, there’s my Australian 26″ Neo Geo 6 slot machine; sadly without its lovely ‘mini marquees’ – which are pictured below. You’ll also see my beloved Terminator 2 pinball machine. (Not pictured is my Hankin cocktail/tabletop arcade machine, which I’ll be restoring soon.)

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