BackGames = Videogame plots in reverse

Over the past few days, there’s been a fun little game running on Twitter called “#backflick”.
As John Gushue explains, it’s a challenge to summarise the plot of famous films, if you saw them in reverse.

Until recently, research by one of our commenters (thanks Kniffler) suggested it originated in this reddit post. But then it was suggested “it all started on 4chan”. Now, it appears it all came from a FilminFocus article in November 2008 by Jonathan Carter.

Here are a few of my faves:

The Wizard of Oz:
Three friends escort girl & dog from fancy dress party in green city, so she can fly house back to Kansas.

Friday the 13th:
A magic hockey player heals a bunch of injured teens, so they can go home from camp.

Revived by missiles, a giant lizard goes on a civil construction spree in downtown Manhattan before retiring to its island home.

And I love this one….

A guy who flies around, putting people into precarious situations, then hiding.

Ok, now it’s time to start the next challenge..

I’ve written the first 15…

Please submit yours in the comments below, or.. (if you’re on Twitter) just add “#backgames” to your tweet.

NOTE: As per Twitters 140 character word limit, when you write your BackGame in “comments”, try to write 25 WORDS OR LESS.

A spaceship tends a galactic garden, growing tiny rocks into huge boulders.

Bubble Bobble:
Two evil children lock up their parents, turn into dinosaurs, then eat bubbles until they throw up colourful bonuses.

Cave Story:
A traveller lands on a floating island, helps the Doctor enslave the Mimigas, then falls asleep & forgets everything.

Deus Ex:
JC Denton overthrows one of 3 new world orders, travels the globe, then waits for terrorists to rebuild the statue of liberty.

Donkey Kong:
Pauline takes her boyfriend to the top of a building. There, she dumps him for a giant ape, and the heartbroken plumber climbs down the scaffolding.

A space marine brings demons to life, locking colour-coded doors behind him before falling asleep, as his colleagues close a portal to hell.

Commander Jameson brings peace to multiple galaxies, losing money & status before retiring on Lave with just 100 credits.

Impossible Mission:
Elvin Atombender asks Agent 4125 to furnish his underground base. 4125 clumsily drops jigsaw pieces as he works.

Katamari Damacy:
A prince must hide the stars, by rolling them across the earth’s surface, until they break into small everyday objects.

Kick Off:
Two players must bring soccer balls from their goal net… to the centre of the pitch. The player who produces the most balls – gets to choose the weather conditions.

Legend of Zelda:
Link offers Princess Zelda to the gods, in order to summon Ganon. Link then roams the countryside, hiding pieces of the triforce & reanimating Ganon’s monsters.

The player drags Lemmings out of their home, makes them forget their abilities & sends them back to the previous level.

Pacman fills mazes with dots, pausing only to regurgitate fruit & ghosts.

Robotron 2084:
The last human family is lonely, so the player invites hundreds of robots to keep them company.

The player must break apart a giant rectangle, sending the pieces into space.

C’mon… what’s YOUR BackGame?

Submit it – in the comments below, or.. (if you’re on Twitter) just add “#backgames” to your tweet.

Wow, welcome “first time” visitors! Thanks for joining in the fun of BackGaming. This post is attracting serious traffic!

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106 Responses to BackGames = Videogame plots in reverse

  1. Kid Icarus:
    Heroic champion of Angel Land leaves his princess’s side, then regresses in age to boyhood before reviving the gorgon Medusa. He descends Mount Olympus bolstering her evil forces, hides three sacred treasures and enters the Underworld.

  2. MomentEye says:

    A woman with prosthetics breaks into a secret laboratory and builds an insane computer.
    Closing portals and building sentry robots behind her, our hero fortifies herself into a deep, maze-like sanctuary.
    Finally she falls asleep and dreams of cake.

  3. MomentEye says:

    A man methodically removes his deep-sea diving suit while resurrection zombies and redistributing wealth.
    He escapes to the surface on a burning plane.

  4. MomentEye says:

    Guitar Hero:
    I am increasingly unsure that I could be a rock star until I give my guitar back to the shop.

    The king is resurrected. Everything returns to normal.

    Everyone lives happily ever before.
    Now that the jigsaws will be taken apart we were looking forward to yesterday.
    After the future there used to be angst.

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  6. FRaNKy says:

    Elevator Action : a rich man arrives at a buidling in a red ferrari, leaves suitcases of money on every floor, leaves thru the roof on a steel cable

    Out Run : Driving from eastcoast to westcoast in ferrari doing voluntary car flips.

    Cabal : 2 soldiers create buildings with bullets and resurrect dead soldiers from the grave

    Double Dragon : A couple of friends drop off their girlfriend at a local gang and retire in a garage box

  7. gnome says:

    Hohoho, brilliant!

  8. Prof. Shminky says:

    Master Chief builds a giant ring planet and then proceeds to round up the Flood and lock them in a small underground room. After resurrecting some of the Covenant, he then leaves the ring in a small pod, returns to his mothership and goes to sleep.

  9. nich says:

    warcraft: mystical beings resurrect creatures by giving them crap they don’t need, dances around to give them health then backs away slowly, not breaking eye contact. oh, there’s also guys that never leave where they are. curious guys with question marks. trading money/items for parts of animals and junk makes them exclaim profanity at you. laughing on the floor, rolling.

  10. nich says:

    oh, and the un-nerfing. gradually the game gets better as patches are removed from the game.

  11. Vicviper42 says:

    Breakout: You must construct a wall using a ball and paddle, then catch the ball.

    Super Smash Bros: Nintendo icons gather to recover each other’s health before they are turned back into inanimate statues.

    Geometry Wars: Get the lowest score possible by reviving as many enemies as you can.

  12. UKR says:

    Sonic the hedgehog 2.

    Sonic invades planet mobius from a space station and begins roboticising the animal population and activating various industrial and toxic complexes, whilst hiding several powerful emeralds. He finally abandons his fox sidekick and no one has seen him since.

  13. Kemper Boyd says:

    Noby Noby Boy:
    A very long multicoloured snake boy slowly shrinks and untangles himself from various tiny worlds while using farmyard animals as suppositories. After regurgitating his own arse he splits in two, reforms and then shrinks down to just his head and bum.

  14. Chris says:

    I twittered these, but here they are:

    #backgames Call of Cthulhu: A man is revived, summons an Elder God, and goes on a quest to regain his sanity and return home to Innsmouth.

    #backgames Psychonauts: A boy quits a psychic spy agency to run around inside people’s heads, making them crazy and absorbing psychic power.

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  16. Mike says:

    Katamari Damacy: A Japanese creation story.

    Sim City: The Great Hundred Year Depression.

    Rollercoaster Tycoon: A vast Theme-Park gets deeply into debt and is gradually taken apart by hoards of repo-men.

  17. Mieze says:

    A hyperspace-traveling robot erects big rotating statues on the highest peaks of 10000 landscapes and fills the lanscapes with trees, then it retreats to a hideout in a valley.

    Prince of Persia:
    A prince goes to prison voluntarily, leaving behind his significant other, positioning guards behind him and setting free his pet mouse.

  18. Erin H says:

    SimCity: After recovering from a series of natural disasters, a thriving metropolis is systematically reduced to a barren landscape by epic mismanagement.

    Civilization: Colonists from Alpha Centauri gradually lose all of their technology and regress into a tribal lifestyle over thousands of years.

  19. cynetics says:

    Command & Conquer Red Alert: After war between allies and soviet union ended, scientist decide to bring Hitler back to Germany.

  20. mykie says:

    I thought these seems obvious, but I did not see them:

    Super Mario Bros: A plumber escorts a princess and seven toadstool creatures to various castle dungeons where he builds bridges and resurrects large lizard/turtle creatures before leaving to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom, raising flags, building bridges, and leaving coins all around. Side plot: During this adventure, the plumber also battles weight issues by taking rapid weight loss mushrooms.

    Pac Man: A round yellow creature attempts to restore order in a corrupt world, however in the process breaks up with is longtime girlfriend. Distraught, he unleashes ghosts, animates food objects, and scatters pellets throughout 254 mazes.

  21. ajnrules says:

    Super Mario 64: Mario traps Peach in a star, gives it to Bowser, and then takes the 120 stars that power the castle and giving it to various denizens living in mysterious paintings hanging within the castle.

    The Sims: A philanthropic community of Benjamin Buttons pay money to go to work and donate their furniture to charities before finally turning into a baby and disappears.

  22. Scott says:

    I posted a Twitter, but why not here too? Chess: a king is born out of a chaotic gathering and he works to bring his subjects into two straight, hierarchical lines.

  23. Pythagorean says:

    Mirror’s Edge:
    A woman liberates the name of a government which is mislabled with conspiracy theory and then runs around on building rooftops.

    Abe’s Odyssey:
    Hellbent on destroying his people, Abe runs through a factory summoning members of his race with his mind – putting them in dangerous situations and in servitude. The factory likes him so much they make him a custodian.

  24. shMerker says:

    I think you guys all might like to know about Jump On Mushrooms, a game which is played backwards.

  25. Super Metroid:
    a planet forms, on which samus lands. she gives rise to mother brain, who gives birth to the gamma-exposed hatchling. samus then donates parts of her biosuit to statue pedestals for a few hours. ridley donates the hatchling to science which samus steals shortly thereafter

  26. Bradleybones says:

    You Have To Burn The Rope: (YHTBTR) Summoning the cursed chandelier off the Giant Colossus, he affixes it to the roof with alchemy and backs away cautiously

  27. Nreive says:

    Hi, mate. hehe. Nice idea.

    Oh, yeah, BackGame. Erm… Laser Squad (mission one): the squad bring Sterner Regnix back to life, repair his robot guards, rebuild his mansion, retreat from the planet, enter HQ, where they proceed to hand back their weapons, armour, before bogging off back home.

    Oh, and do get in touch.

  28. histumness says:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I use telekinesis to make my NES controller float into my hands and repair my shattered TV screen, then give a victory shout. Donatello swims backwards through a river, setting up bombs.

  29. Shield says:

    Curious Case of Benjamin Button: a boy is born, grows up, and dies.

  30. Joelio says:

    Legend of Zelda, Link’s Awakening:
    Link dreams he sings the Windfish to sleep with 8 instruments. Then he hides the instruments in dungeons and revives monsters all around Kohilint Island.

  31. Jen says:

    Root Beer/Bud Tapper

    Hundreds of angry customers line up to demand refunds for their beverages. An overworked bartender tries to cut wastes costs by recycling the liquids.

  32. Lis Riba says:

    Adventure for the Atari 2600:

    Hide a magic chalice, lock up the castles and resurrect three dragons.

  33. Ari Karanea says:

    Grand Theft Auto: A wealthy philanthropist travels through the city distributing vehicles to pedestrians and giving out stacks of money to people lying on the sidewalk while helping them back to their feet.

    Minesweeper: A soldier travels through a known minefield and slowly removes all of the flags marking mines before walking away.

    Hungry, Hungry Hippo: Montezuma’s Revenge hits a small flock of well-fed hippos.

    Pandemic II: A group of scientists on Madagascar cure a devastating worldwide disease and work to repopulate the planet.

  34. LeeshaJoy says:

    The original Half-Life: Gordon Freeman enslaves the Vortigaunts, deorbits a satellite, revives a bunch of aliens and Marines, then seals a rift in spacetime before quitting his job to go to MIT.

  35. LeeshaJoy says:

    Spore: A spacefaring race with a galaxy-spanning empire gradually withdraws from all but one of the planets it occupies, dismantles all of its ships and cities, breaks down into tribal factions, degenerates into primitive subsentience, and finally evolves away its legs and becomes purely aquatic.

  36. LeeshaJoy says:

    Zork: It is very dark here. But not as dark as it was in the belly of that grue that just regurgitated you.

  37. Arrakis says:

    Diablo: After creating the devil, a sole villain raises an army of demons and undead, bringing the legions right to the doorsteps of innocent villagers.

    Mortal Kombat: An excellent chiropractor saves a man from certain doom, and then after massaging him, they part ways.

    Frogger: A frog weaves between cars to get to the other side of the road (it works both ways!)

    Solitaire: A person randomly shuffle a deck of cards and splits half of them into piles of varying sizes.

    Little Big Planet: A small golem searches for Stephen Fry.

  38. Liza says:

    World of Warcraft:

    A character delivers 15 feathers to an NPC who then tells him to go to the next village to deliver 15 feathers to an NPC.

    This is one of those ones that can be played back to front AND front to back and still make sense.

    • Nick says:

      World of Warcraft: Hundreds of thousands of overweight misanthropes emerge from their dark, body-odor filled rooms and slowly integrate with real-life society.

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  40. Emu says:

    Fallout 3: Our protagonist irradiates the Potomac, then establishes a corrupt government agency. He then travels a nuclear wasteland repopulating it with a variety of mutants and criminals before climbing into an undergound bunker.

  41. Seth says:

    Zero Wing:
    Great Justice ends when the Captain ZIGs, the bases are returned to you, and the bomb is set back down by somebody. In the year 2101.

  42. The Werebear says:

    Warcraft III: The evil Night Elves summon Archimonde, who restores their forest in exchange. The Orcs of Kalimdor, running into the Demons, flee across Kalimdor to Azeroth, abandoning the Tauren along the way. The Undead Horde betrays Archimonde, banishing him and rebuilding Dalaran. They destroy Kel Thuzad at the Sunwell, and repair the High Elven cities. That done, Arthas returns Frostmourne to Northrend, reviving Muradin and leaving him to clean up there. He returns to Azeroth following Malganis and kills him there to restore Strahnbrad. Finally, he defeats a weakened Kel’Thuzad and destroys the few orcs who got to Azeroth early. It ends with Thrall landing at Azeroth, selling out Grom Hellscream to the humans, and setting up a lone hut. He has a dream in a thunderstorm, in which a raven tells him he did the right thing.

  43. Marc Cusumano says:

    Interstate ’76:

    A man plants a nuclear device in the heart of the largest oil field in Texas; he then travels the southwest repairing vehicles for police and “creepers” to finally resurrect his sister before parting ways with his companion Taurus.

  44. Controllerfreak says:

    Forza 2: after 2 months of slowly building up enthusiasm for this racing
    game knowing its going to repair the kit you get from Microsoft which you sent there to be freshly redringed, you pop the disc in and out of your kit a few times and the red rings dissapear, thrusting you into the middle of the final lap where you can only assume you had just driven backwards over the finishing line. you proceed to drive backwards around many tracks passing many cars also driving backwards but far slower than you, as you unbegin each race you slowly replace your tricked out car with cheaper parts as your your monetary situation tumbles due to unbeginning too many races in last place, until at last you sell your only remaining vehicle.

  45. Hammerogod says:

    COD4 Modern Warfare…..A soldier with Christlike powers and a gun that sucks bullets out of dead people walks backward resurrecting hundreds of men and allowing them to go back into hiding while also causing destroyed structures to spontaniously rebuild themselves and explosive devices to become inert and harmless lumps of metal which he stores on his person…..

  46. sirz says:

    Mario Sunshine:
    Mario sucks the water out of the world, creating large tainted areas and hiding all the light of the world within them.

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  48. mikeB says:

    Star Wars (Atari) – Giant space station the size of a small moon materialises emitting several waves of X-winged craft backwards down a trench.

  49. Jumping Jack – a stick man repeatedly falls through holes in the floor, forgetting a rhyme as he goes.

    Civilisation – the ruler of a one world government slowly splits his empire into separate nations in a mad crusade to return to the stone age

    Street Fighter – two enemies resolve their differences and heal each other’s wounds one by one

  50. Martin says:

    Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Sonic takes the 6 Chaos Emeralds from the Green Hill Zone and makes the ugly flowers dissapear from it. He repairs Dr Robotnik’s Egg-o-Matic. He then proceeds to travel through Mobius repairing Badniks and returning gold rings to their rightful place.

    He also warps into another dimension several times to return the Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik also drops by occasionally and Sonic helps install add-ons to his Egg-O-Matic.

    Sonic then proceeds to return to the Green Hill zone where he finally relaxes, satisfied in the knowledge that he helped an old man get his life back on track.

  51. dan says:

    Tiger Woods Golf: Use a magnetic club to drag a ball out of hole from hundreds of yards away and get it to land exactly at Tiger Woods’ feet.

    Wii Fit: Perform yoga exercises in order to gain weight.

    Professor Layton: Steal answers to puzzles and leave a town in utter confusion.

    Phoenix Wright: Take a clear-cut case and lose it by making it seem like the defendant was the culprit.

    Animal Crossing: Lose friends, steal things from the museum, and leave town.

    Elite Beat Agents: Play popular music backwards to leave people miserable and helpless.

    Sorry, I got carried away.

  52. Beanicus says:

    Not a video game (that I know of) but can’t resist:

    Monopoly: Left-wing government comes into power forcing successful corporation to help start up new businesses. All hotels/housing slowly demolished. Games ends when total communism is achieved.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Actually Beanicus, there’s been quite a few:
      I played* the Commodore 64 version in the 80’s. (*For about 30 seconds, some things work better in real life)

    • ForIAmStu says:

      I have the board game anti-monopoly in my cupboard. You bring legal actions against cartels, and receive Fair Trading funds in return.

      Obiviously, if some one else lands on the cartel you’ve broken, they have to pay you compensation for wasting your time.

      • justonemoregame says:

        I think you might have BackGames a little confused.
        It’s not “opposites”, it’s “what happens in the game from end to start”.
        Oh – and VIDEOgames. Not boardgames. 🙂

  53. limey says:

    Need For Speed Most Wanted:

    An extremely wealthy BMW-owning arrogant speed freak with a garage full of exotic sports cars with lurid paint-jobs and unnecessary spoilers, gradually works his way through an imaginary city (where it rains for only about two minutes at a time maybe six or seven times an hour), giving up said vehicles to idiots with inane nicknames, escaping the cops at every opportunity, until he’s finally left with a slow, ugly, but extremely “moddable” Fiat Punto.

  54. realist says:

    Mafia (PC, 2002): A mobster tires of his life within ‘this thing of ours’. He makes amends by returning cash to vulnerable citizens, performing rudimentary – yet radical – field surgery bullet removal on policemen, gangsters and the public before reversing his car backwards at high speed to fulfill his dream of becoming a taxi cab driver.

  55. shaurz says:

    Was this inspired by a certain Red Dwarf episode?

    • justonemoregame says:

      Hi Shaurz,
      I’ve only seen about 2 minutes of a single RD episode, so I’m afraid not.
      I just saw the “#backflick” thing on Twitter, then thought a “videogame” one would also be fun.

      • Martin says:

        I reckon you would love the Red Dwarf episode he’s talking about then 🙂

        (The episode is called “Backwards” just incase you’re curious, and it’s definitely one of the best episodes of the entire program)

  56. RoRulon says:

    Shadow of the Colossus: A man climbs out of a portal in a pool and proceeds to travel the Forbidden Lands reviving the 16 Colossus by very cleverly climbing down from their heads. He ends this by stealing a dead girl and riding off into the sunset.

  57. EJL says:

    Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn):
    Earth gradually rids itself of a mysterious green alien infection while some terrorists fight the UN; eventually an asteroid is fired off into space, ending the controversy.

  58. Harleif says:

    F.E.A.R. A team of elite secret soldiers are helicoptered into a city that has been hit by an imploding atom bomb. There they meet a small girl who has the power to materialise people out of pools of blood, and turn on the lights whenever you’ve finished resurrecting squads of psychic soldiers killed by the massive implosion, you proceed out of the city using more and more rudimentary weapons, and return to base, where your commanding officer calls you a noob.

  59. Rational Beaver says:

    Metal Slug: An evil man brings back a huge army of nazi-ish soldiers one by one with his resurrection gun. He also ties up lots of hippies with a knife as he goes.

    Left 4 Dead: 4 people create a horde of zombies who then turn back into regular people over a period of 2 weeks.

  60. Peter Eng says:

    Evil Genius: The ruler of the world uses a high-technology device to force the regions of the world to become independent states, then carefully deconstructs his device, returning the component parts to the independent states, as well as distributing various valuable objects between the regions.

    Eventually, he fades into obscurity, with assistance from government agents of each region.

  61. Mr.Death says:

    Pong: A dot flies from offscreen and bounces between two paddles before landing on one of the paddles. This continues till one makes it to zero.

  62. realist says:

    Jet Set Willy (ZX Spectrum, 1984): Miner Willy must get out of bed and randomly scatter wineglasses throughout his mansion before having a big party.

  63. Silverwolf says:

    Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s master orders him to take the Piece of Edin and go visit a number of influential figures in various cities and save them from death. Later, he hides the Piece of Eden in Solomon’s Temple with the helped of a member of the Knights Templar. In the future, a guy called Desmond forgets all about this.

  64. Hellblazer says:

    Almost every Castlevania game:

    A member of the Belmont clan summons Dracula’s castle then resurrects Dracula using his magical whip, which he later uses to repopulate the castle with various monsters. After installing new candles in every room, he then strolls out of the castle.

    Other Castlevania games: Same thing, only it’s not a Belmont, and the character leaves behind various objects that grant powers scattered around the Castle.

  65. Dan Newham says:

    Metal Gear Solid:
    Solid Snake builds a machine to fire a nuclear weapon and then sneaks out before anyone notices.

    [Ed’s note: Dan put a few more in, but they were all movies.
    We’re doing VIDEOGAMES in this thread please. 🙂
    Mind you… I do give you kudos for this…]

    Everything’s still not funny backwards.

  66. Dan Newham says:

    A heroic king fights his way out of a corner before retreating back and calling for reinforcements.

    Three contestants ask Alex Trebek a series of difficult questions before realising that he has all the answers written on a piece of card in his hand.

    Football Manager:
    You gradually de-construct a football club whilst gradually seeing your girlfriend and friends more often per day.

    Final Fantasy:
    A group of ever-weakening mercenaries travel around the world spreading wealth, increasing monster populations and helping an evil lord come to power.

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  68. Joq says:

    Original Half-Life: Super soldier Gordon Freeman gets dispatched by g-man to heal a huge alien creature in another dimension, xen, by removing grenades from inside its head. Gordon makes his way out of xen while healing smaller aliens and infilitrates Black Mesa facility. As he progresses and things get easier, he gets rid of his heavy arsenal of weapons until he’s only holding a crowbar. After restoring order to Black Mesa, Gordon helps the remaining aliens return home by repairing a device by pulling a sample cart out of its beam. Gordon is hired by Black Mesa, and after storing his HEV suit away he heads for a well-earned rest at the dormitories. On the way he catches one last glimpse of his previous employer, who looks at him approvingly from a passing train.

    Planescape: Torment
    A man is whisked away from the Blood War into a strange fort. He and his new-found companions (torn into the fortress from Sigil) escape, but not before the man has separated his mortality into a new entity and forgotten his name. As the group travels across the planes, the companions find their homes and return there after estranging themselves from the man. The man progressively forgets everything that will happen to him, and how he will become an utter jerk. After numerous deaths and resurrections he meets the ghost of his loved one at a mortuary and lies down on a gurney to die. A zombie drags the gurney out of the mortuary. It is known that after this the man dies again many times while he fixes all the damage he has done, and each time he suddenly remebers everything that will happen to him before his next death. Before his birth, he trades his immortality away to a hag who later decides she couldn’t care less about what can change the nature of a man.

    That was very long and very confusing, but I think I got it about right.

  69. Joq says:

    Couldn’t resist writing a couple more.

    A demigod from the astral planes gives away immortality in order to return the Amulet of Yendor and other artifacts into the Dungeons of Doom.

    Dwarf Fortress:
    A community of dwarves seals away demons, drives away goblin raiders from their city, then tears everything down, smelts, destroys, trades or outright gives away all porperty. To many, this is a sobering experience. The dwarves return the minerals and gems inside the mountains as they fill all the corridors with rock and dirt. People get sent home as the work progresses, and the society reverts to a kind of communism. After the final seven dwarves leave the site with the last of the supplies, there is no trace left of them ever having been there.

  70. 5th Earth says:

    Freecell: Four piles of playing cards, sorted by suit and in order, are placed into piles in random order.

    Need for Speed: Underground series: A street racer strips and sells all the aftermarket parts on his vehicles, gives the money to his rivals, and leaves town in a cheap imported car.

    Space Invaders: Using your construction ship, create a fleet of spacecraft to colonize another planet.

    Thief series: Garret sneaks into unconscious people’s houses, revives them, and gives them valuable goods.

    Diablo: Deep in a dungeon, the protagonist pulls a rock out of his head, summons the devil, and then runs away, creating an army of hellspawn and scattering weapons, gold, and potions as he goes.

  71. GC says:

    Fallout: The descendant of a vault 13 outcast steals the only working water chip and uses it as a bargaining chip to return to the vault.

  72. J T says:

    DDR: Physically fit and highly coordinated people lower their dexterity and increase their girth by dancing to incrementally easier songs.

    Beatmania: Carpaltunnel-sufferers ease out of the pain by cutting down on the crazy hard songs, they also earn money by selling their aftermarket arcade-style controllers and going back to the bundled ones.

    ..apply with small variations to each and every music/rhythm game out there.

  73. John Bejarano says:


    A) Escape from the MCP cone and build a rotating wall of electronic bricks so no one else can get inside.

    B) Descend from a glowing I/O tower and try to infect the game grid with bugs faster than they can combine themselves.

    C) Roam around a maze and catch glowing bullets the bounce off walls emanating from enemy tanks that suddenly appear.

    D) You and some enemies work to methodically sweep up a big mess of light that someone left on the game grid.

  74. Steve says:

    Ninja Gaiden – A ninja resurrects an ancient demon, finds out his father is alive, and leaves the U.S.

    Bionic Commando – A soldier with a bionic arm meets a clone of Hitler on his way to abandoning Super Joe to his fate.

    Contra – Using the Konami code to take away 30 lives (Start, A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up), two soldiers revive Red Falcon and get way through the jungle.

  75. Jeccius says:

    Minesweep; hey, let’s hide some mines and nick some flags 🙂

    Tiger Woods; let’s see how far you can whack golf balls out of a hole.

    Final Fight; Haggar leaves his daughter with the wrong choice of babysitter, then takes in the sights on the way to the ghetto.

    Gran Turismo; take your Castrol Supra GTi and trade it in for a Demio A Spec.

  76. Tim says:

    Any Pokemon Game: A young boy, on a quest to return home, must first heal and then distribute over 450 different species of creatures. Along the way he has heal-offs, to see who can heal the other players creatures faster. In some instances, he heals the other creatures so well, that he gives the other player a badge to commemorate the achievement. During his journey home, the young boy also takes the time to erase the data collected in his pokedex before returning the empty tome to its creator. He also empowers an evil Team, who decides (after they are re-powered) to try and take over the world.

  77. […] See more here:  BackGames = Videogame plots in reverse « Just One More Game […]

  78. Bobcat says:

    My take on Pokemon:

    A young boy enters the world of animal pit-fighting. Initially prosperous and renowned for the wide variety of powerful creatures he has, his ineptitude cases him to lose money and prestige. He abandon his animals, one by one, being unable to care for their declining health.

  79. Colin says:

    Leisure Suit Larry series: A suave womanizer in the 1980s loses his ability to bed women, but cures all of his STDs in the process. Larry prevents himself from seeing pixelated boobs ever again by failing a 5-question quiz.

    Milon’s Secret Castle: A powerful boy’s fall from grace, wasting away his strength, constitution, and life savings due to his insatiable addiction: inhaling caustic bubbles excreted by evil creatures. He then gets kicked out of the house.

  80. BA says:

    Resident Evil 4:
    The aim is to hide a biological sample on a bearded man before locking up your female companion and driving off. To achieve this transform huge monsters into normal-sized people,
    cram tentacles into decapitated Spaniards’ necks using their own heads, levitate treasure into trees and fashion wooden barrels with a knife.

    Tips: If you lose your companion, enemies bring you a new one through a resurrection portal. Use the healing knife to save Krauser. Before starting the game several new mini games are locked.

  81. ggBB says:

    WC3 DOTA:
    Alliance between the scourge and sentinel has been made. In addition the scourge is reviving the World Tree as the Sentinel is re-constructing The Frozen Throne. If it was not enough – to strengthen their bonds further the Sentinel is continuously resurrecting various Ghouls and Necromancers to aid the Scourge whilst the Scourge in their turn brings Treants and Druids to aid the Sentinel. Since its such a peaceful time all Heroes is selling their finest equipment in addition to the slow de-levelving process – during all this they also pay a small amount of gold over time to some unknown power. Amidst all this an artifact is restored to Roshan.

  82. weez says:

    nintendogs. hurt puppies.

    • justonemoregame says:

      Hint: You need to make the game go “in reverse” – not just write “the opposite”.
      eg Nintendogs might be…. “Help your puppy forget all her tricks, while she loses her accessories & friends.”

  83. Forza Motorsport: A skilled race car driver slowly returns his fleet of racecars back to their original state and owners.

    Supreme Commander: Explosions reveal various robot like units that all journey to a factory which disassembles them. On their journey they occasionally create more robotic units while repairing the pock marked landscape.

    Missile Command: Nuclear missiles are launched creating explosions that sometimes reveal cities. This continues until fewer and fewer missiles are launched.

    Chrono Trigger: The player travels through time haphazardly, attempting to lose all that follow him.

  84. Barry says:

    Super Mario Bros: Kill a princess in order to revive turtles with your butt.

    Tetris: Park up a spaceship before building a wall that looks like Swiss cheese.

  85. Crypto says:

    Halo 3

    A group of people attend a funeral for our hero who performed an amazing backwards leap from a transport in a warthog and drove in reverse across an amazing exploding platform.

    (where he died – numerous times….)

  86. Giochi says:

    ahaha you guys are awesome

  87. […] animals and live with his mother.” (See a zillion more on Twitter.) Well, the new jam is BackGames, in which video game plots are reversed, with hilarious results. Here are a few […]

  88. nonmonkey says:

    Ico: a boy with horns lures a girl into a castle to trap her in a cage. He then seals himself in a coffin and waits to be taken back to his village.

  89. […] Videogame plots in reverse games […]

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