Day Us Ecks – Judge it by its cover

It’s been 10 years since the fantastic FPS/RPS/Conspiracy thriller Deus Ex was released on PC.

RockPaperShotgun is all over it, and on Steam you can grab the original (classic) for just US$2.50, and the sequel (not so classic) for the same amount.

Actually, having a look at that Steam page made me notice something I hadn’t seen before.

Have a look at the pic below.

Look at the cover art…

Critically acclaimed original:

  • Main character – Looking up, in an inspired manner.
  • Style – Unique. Not easily confused with any other game.
  • Logo – Emphasises the game’s name rather than a subheading.

Disappointingly compromised sequel:

  • Main character – Aiming a gun ‘sideways’ at you in a generic ‘gangsta’ manner.
  • Style – Meh. Reminds me a lot of the cover for Ritual’s Sin.
  • Logo – Emphasises the game’s subheading rather than the name.

All the people who didn’t like ‘Invisible War’ – should have paid more attention to the box!

Hmm, what do you think…?
Will Deus Ex 3‘s box art be closer to the original style… or the sequel?
Should I be worried that it’s been renamed to an awful Name:Subheading model, instead of DX3?


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